Essential Tips for Delivering Tax Returns

Find out what processes you can implement now to improve your tax returns.

with Jane Aylwin

Join Jane Aylwin for this on-demand webinar, focusing on how to make your life easier during the tax return season (and ideally, how to make it SO easy it just feels like any other time of year, but with Christmas in it), she will talk you through how to create a process that consistently gets your clients to send their information to you earlier. A process that also helps you get the returns signed easily, securely and digitally, with minimum fuss, minimum paper and maximum profitability due to reduced delays and chasing.

She will give you some top tips on how to have confidence that you are including all of the relevant information in the tax return, and not missing any of the information required, and how to ensure you are fully authorised for your clients affairs (to avoid those last minutes panics when you need to contact HMRC and realise you can’t).

Jane Aylwin
A true believer in the awesome power of data, a huge advocate of the ‘accounting revolution’ and an excitable supporter of cloud technology, Jane Aylwin is passionate about entrepreneurial small businesses and the role accountants and bookkeepers have to play in the business world. She is a certified ICB Member who was in practice until only recently, selling her bookkeeping business to take a senior role at a London firm. Jane has co-written a book, ‘How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business’, delivered presentations at The ICB Conference and, for the last four years, has been a speaker at Accountex.