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Paolini Financial Goes 100% Paperless with SmartVault

For Robert J. Paolini, President of Paolini Financial Group, the decision to move to a paperless office powered by SmartVault has delivered impressive results for his CPA and investment advisory firm serving 550 clients.

Published: April 23, 2024
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We’re now 100% paperless, working 100% in the cloud,” Robert states. “SmartVault allowed us to eliminate our server and full-time IT service, saving around $1,500 per month.

Beyond the hard dollar savings, SmartVault has transformed how Paolini Financial operates by providing easy access to client data and a simple way to share files securely. The integrated e-signature is another favorite feature.

Getting e-signatures from clients is so easy,” he notes. “Our clients appreciate the security of the SmartVault client portal for exchanging sensitive documents.

From reducing IT overhead to enabling anytime, anywhere access to client information, SmartVault has made it possible for the firm to have a fully digitized, cloud-based workflow. Robert sums it up:

I’d absolutely recommend SmartVault to others. It’s easy to use, offers great personalization, has great mobile apps, and keeps clients’ data secure.

SmartVault transformed Paolini Financial into a modern, paperless firm – improving efficiencies, lowering costs, and providing a secure, user-friendly way to collaborate with clients.