How SmartVault Compares to IRIS Openspace

Looking for an alternative to IRIS Openspace? Take a closer look at SmartVault, the file sharing and document management solution designed for professional services providers.
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Compare Features and Benefits, Side-by-Side:

SmartVault logoIRIS Openspace
Custom branded portal for uploading and accessing documents
Send password protected files via email
Auto alerts notify when files are uploaded or viewed
Add a client login to your website
Version control and activity reports to track changes
Files are encrypted in transit and at rest
eSign with unlimited DocuSign envelopes
Enable clients to upload directly to the portal
Two-factor authentication

Why SmartVault is the Better Alternative to Openspace

What makes SmartVault really stand apart from Openspace? These features from SmartVault will help you increase efficiencies and improve your document workflow.

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Organize files easily with customizable folder structures and templates

Use SmartVault’s customizable folder templates to organize your documents by client, document type, date – or however you like to work. You can also have documents routed to the correct folder, automatically. This helps reduce the time you spend searching for, and filing documents.

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Integrate with accounting and business applications

Integrate SmartVault with your accounting, tax, or productivity application for more efficient workflows. You can import clients, create folders and user permissions automatically, and save documents directly to SmartVault.

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Access unlimited storage without expiration dates

You can store all of your important documents in SmartVault, for as long as necessary with unlimited cloud storage and no expiration dates on any of your documents.

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Make general information documents publicly accessible, on-demand

Upload common informational documents that most clients ask for, so they are easily accessible, on-demand. These documents might be terms, team introductions, or information on new legislation. You can also grant edit access rights for any folders based on who needs to see them.

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Streamline your print, eSign, and file processes

Leverage the power of industry-leading eSignature solutions by DocuSign. Print a document, route to one or multiple signers to eSign, auto file the document back in the right folder, and be alerted when all parties have signed.

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Automate document distribution

Batch print documents directly to SmartVault, leverage email templates, and use built-in mail merge technology to distribute documents to five, 50, or 500 clients.

Grow Your Accounting Firm with SmartVault

Discover why SmartVault is the alternative to IRIS Openspace you need, including structured and customizable folders, an easy-to-use client portal, A+ customer service, and version control.

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Structured Folders

Customizable folder templates for full organization of documents by client, year – or tailored to your preference.

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Version Control

View an audit trail of all document activity, and access previous versions as a safeguard against overwriting files.

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Guest Experience

An easy-to-use client portal for guest users to upload and download files quickly and easily.

Integrate Key Apps to Support Your Growing Business

Document Manager powered by SmartVault provides a file sharing portal integrated with TaxCalc, allowing you to securely store and send documents to your clients.
Outlook Plug-In
Send emails, attachments, or both directly to the correct client folder in SmartVault with one click. Plus, you can invite and manage users from directly within Outlook, creating even more efficiencies for your team.
eSignature powered by DocuSign
Securely send documents for signature right from SmartVault using our powerful DocuSign integration. Once all parties have signed the document, it automatically routes back to the correct SmartVault folder.
Scan and attach source documents to any entry in QuickBooks with the SmartVault Toolbar.
Xero Integration
SmartVault offers a unique Toolbar plug-in for Xero, so you can seamlessly scan, attach, and access documents right from inside the Xero web app.

See Why this Alternative to Openspace Works Better

If you are not using SmartVault, you MUST! We would have been dead in the water and had to close our doors without SmartVault. Thank heaven we switched over from ‘the other brand’ this year!”
Sandy Christiansen, Project Manager CRC CPAs
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