Client Portal & Secure File Sharing for Accounting

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organise client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for accounting professionals.

Simplify and Expedite Customer Interactions with SmartVault

SmartVault makes it easy for accounting professionals to collect, manage, prepare, and share all your business and client documents securely online.

Gather, store, share, and eSign files with ease

  • Scan, attach, and view documents in your accounting app
  • Request eSignature for all your documents with built-in DocuSign integration
  • Run activity reports and get automated alerts so you never miss a beat

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Achieve the cloud-based, paperless workflow you’ve always wanted

  • Use scanning wizards to convert paper to digital in one click
  • Upload or drag-and-drop files to an electronic document portal
  • Restrict other users from updating a file with auto check in/check out capabilities

Achieve The Paperless Workflow Youve Img

Boost efficiency and client collaboration

  • Batch print and distribute tax organisers, statements, and returns to clients
  • Upload attachments or entire emails and quickly request documents with email capture and filing
  • Send clients secure links to access their files easily

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Streamline Client Engagements for Tax and Accounting Firms

SmartVault was built from the ground up with accounting professionals in mind.

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Store and manage documents through a secure, branded portal

Give clients a secure, easy, and professional way to upload documents or download returns online from a branded client portal.

Gather Organize And Then Share Icon
Gather, organise, and then share all business files securely

Built with bank-level security, all documents stored in and shared from SmartVault are encrypted for privacy – both during transit and while at rest.

Boost Efficiency Through Automated Workflows Icon
Boost efficiency through automated workflows

Integrate SmartVault with apps like TaxCalc, Outlook, and more to streamline administrative tasks, save time, and focus on higher-level initiatives.

Why 30,000 Accounting and Business Professionals Trust SmartVault

Since we implemented SmartVault we have seen benefits both internally, with our workflows and efficiencies and how we produce our accounts, and more importantly externally, and how we interact with our clients.
Steve Price Director BWP Inspire
I estimate that we’ve boosted efficiency during tax season by at least 90% since implementing SmartVault … I used to ‘survive’ during tax season. I now operate much more efficiently.”
Michael Yuda CPA Michael J Yuda, CPA
I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow.”
Anne Rosa Owner Anne Rosa, CPA
Using SmartVault means that I don’t have to be at my clients’ offices, and I can access what I need from anywhere. It truly is the ideal way to run a bookkeeping business—and to keep it running no matter what happens.
Joyce O’Leary Director River Bookkeeping & Payroll, Ltd.
We run so much more efficiently now. I would estimate a 30% increase in time savings. This is huge, because saving time translates into saving money.”
Robert Laundry CPA Robert Laundry, CPA
The fact that SmartVault is completely integrated with our tax software, TaxCalc, means that this tax season is going to be a lot smoother and we’ll reap significant time savings, too.
Robin Johnson Owner TaxAssist Accountants Norwich North
The integration between SmartVault and QuickBooks is fantastic! The applications talk to each other, making it easy to electronically file all documents. I no longer have to run between offices to locate requested files.”
Latoya Jablonski Partner Stearns Furniture
We have for sure saved time because we can easily support our out-of-state and out-of-country clients. Having a system that is ‘always on’ is great.”
Jim Roberge CPA Partner Karr & Boucher, PLLC

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