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Optimize Your SmartVault Experience with Additional Services

SmartVault was designed to be easy to implement and use for you, your staff, and your clients. But for companies that may need extra assistance, we offer a number of services to help solve technical issues and ensure smooth adoption of our products.
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Take Your SmartVault Knowledge to the Next Level

Since we’ve worked to build and improve SmartVault capabilities for more than a decade, we can offer a number of getting started guides and on-demand trainings that you can tap into now to optimize your experience. But since we realize each new customer has different needs, we also provide the following services.

Onboarding Assistance

At SmartVault, your success is our mission. A dedicated Customer Onboarding Manager would be happy to help create a customized plan based on your organization’s unique set of needs. We can help ensure you have the proper workflow, connected applications, and confidence to roll out SmartVault across your organization and with your clients.
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Need a refresher course but not full training? SmartHours, available for all current SmartVault customers, might be just what you need. Get one-on-one instruction, guidance, and best practices insights from one of our customer success experts on an hourly basis, as needed.
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Team Training

Do you have a team of users that you’d like to get up-to-speed on SmartVault quickly? We can provide a training specialist who can assist and help ensure everyone can achieve value in their workflows quickly.
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Migration of Your Data

Many of our new customers have tried some form of document management that hasn’t quite met all of their needs. Whether that describes your situation, or you simply need assistance in moving over files from on-premise storage, a SmartVault expert can work with you to migrate your files over to SmartVault in short order. This service can begin with a migration consultation, where we can review your current data structure, discuss a timeline, and outline next steps. Once all parties are set, we can oversee the transfer of your data, verify, and then perform any cleanup that might be needed.
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Customer Success Manager

Our customer success managers are trained to educate your staff, solve technical problems, and help you more comprehensively adopt and optimize SmartVault for your business. Once we have a better understanding of your businesses processes and objectives, we can pair one of our customer success managers with you and/or your team to make sure you get the most out of SmartVault.
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`{`Our Customer Onboarding Manager`}` was super patient and accommodating throughout our onboarding process. She went our of her way to ensure that we full understood how the system works.”
Amanda Nadjar Associate Aghakhani & Luk, LLP
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