Secure File Sharing for Community Banks

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for community banks like yours.
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Boost Productivity and Reduce Document Chaos through a Central Platform

SmartVault was built from the ground up with community bank professionals in mind. Break free from data silos and regain control of information.

Make information digital and discoverable

Would you like to reduce the hours you spend managing manual and paper document workflows? Transition to an online document management system where you can securely store files and find what you need instantly.
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Get more done in less time

There’s a better way to share, store, and organize documents. Our built-in document workflow features – like document request lists, eSignature, certified vault, and folder structures – help you automate repetitive tasks and become more productive.
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Simplify compliance and maximize security

Hosted by best-in-class cloud servers, SmartVault offers security standards and compliance certifications that meet the most stringent industry regulations with ease.
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Vault your contracts easily with Certified Vault

Streamline and expedite your deals by managing authoritative copies of loan contracts that can be signed quickly, easily, and securely through SmartVault’s Certified Vault service. This gives all parties confidence that details of a deal can’t be changed once agreed upon.
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See Why More Than 30,000 Business Professionals Trust SmartVault

SmartVault is a very robust system, but it’s also user-friendly. I feel confident that SmartVault will continue to be an ideal partner, keeping us in compliance with SEC/FINRA document storage and security regulations while also helping us build a more collaborative work environment.”
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See SmartVault in Action

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How SmartVault Helps You

The C-Suites

You have big responsibilities consisting of many details. With a centralized and secure document management platform, your bank’s most critical information is all in one place and accessible 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most, and leave the rest to us.
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The Busy Officers

You wear so many hats that your sanity relies on files being organized and readily available. Our robust workflow features will end document chaos and deliver the clarity you need to work productively.
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The IT Guru

Between support tickets, security threats, and system updates, your tech solution needs to be hassle-free. With dedicated implementation and maintenance support, we make it effortless to partner with us.
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Experts Provide an In-Depth Review of SmartVault’s Features and Integration Capabilities
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