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Seamless Digital Banking for a Connected Future

Transform the Banking Experience with SmartVault’s Cloud-Based Document Management System and Client Portal, allowing safe and secure file sharing.

Unite Your Bank, Customers, and Employees with Digital Document Management

Empower Community Banking
SmartVault redefines community banking. Deliver personalized services, strengthen community ties, and foster growth for your community bank.
Increase Security and Compliance
SmartVault’s security is your digital armor. Protect sensitive data with advanced security measures that supports compliance (FINRA, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more) through bank-grade encryption, automatic backup, and granular access controls.
Make Customer Collaboration Effortless
Simplify customer interactions with secure, 24/7 access to documents. Elevate satisfaction, drive referrals, and streamline processes with SmartVault’s intuitive client portal.
Streamline Processes, Increase Alignment
Boost team efficiency and satisfaction. SmartVault’s user-friendly platform digitizes workflows, eliminates manual tasks, enables flexible remote work, and comes with unlimited storage and free guest users.
Facilitate User-Friendly Processes
Simplify operations with SmartVault’s intuitive cloud-based solution. From custom forms to seamless integrations, empower your team and customers with technology designed for all levels of expertise.
Ensure Business Continuity
Guard against disruptions with SmartVault’s cloud-based system. Ensure quick recovery, reduce vulnerability, and maintain uninterrupted operations for your community bank.

Turn complex tasks into efficient, manageable processes

Reduce application times, provide better customer service, and efficiently manage every application and form across your business.
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Loan Origination System (LOS)
Loan Origination System (LOS)

SmartVault empowers teams and
customers to work better together.

Optimized for community bank organizations with extensive document workflows, advanced security requirements, and a commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Business Pro Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Cloud-Based Document Storage
  • Secure Customer Portal Branded with your Logo
  • Advanced Security, Compliance, & Governance (FINRA, SEC, GLBA, CCPA)
  • Audit Reporting & Activity Logs
  • Request, Track, and Collect Customer Documents
  • Customized Folder Templates
  • U.S. Based Support

Business Pro
For businesses with heavy document workflows and advanced security needs
per user / month, billed annually. 2 user minimum $70 per user/month billed monthly
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When time is of the essence, we value being able to process documentation and get it to the customer quicker and securely. We also receive a faster response from the customer than when everything went through email.
Alex Fernandes Process Analyst BayFirst Financial
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Learn how to enable seamless collaboration between your teams and customers with intuitive tools and digital workflows.

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Streamline Your Financial Institution With Client Portals
Streamline Loan Origination With Digital Documents And Portals Compressed
Streamline Loan Origination with Digital Documents and Portals
Top 6 Advantages of Digital Document Management at Community Banks
Best Practices
Top 6 Advantages of Digital Document Management at Community Banks

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