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Document Workflow Automation, Streamlined

Don’t let manual processes hold you back. Intelligent workflow automation drives productivity and growth, increases staff satisfaction, and helps your firm deliver exceptional client service.   

Operate at Peak Performance with Intelligent Automation

Our suite of document workflow automation tools for accountants streamlines operations so you can operate at peak performance.

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Integrated Tech Stack
SmartVault integrates with your tech stack, from accounting and tax software to productivity tools, optimizing internal and client-facing workflows. Print and auto-route documents, keep teams in sync across apps, and more.
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Automated Document Collection
Simplify the process of gathering client documents. Create customizable request lists and let clients securely upload documents directly into the client portal. Submitted files are automatically organized, eliminating the need for manual sorting and saving you valuable time.
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Templated Folder and Workflow Creation
Increase efficiency by creating templates for folder structures, document requests, engagement letters, forms, and more. Standardized workflows help your team move faster while avoiding clerical mistakes.
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Seamless eSignature Integration
Securely request client signatures, track progress in real-time, and automatically file signed documents in the correct folder, maintaining an organized file management system.
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Automated Routing and Distribution
Automatic routing saves your documents in the correct folder, creating consistency across your firm and making it easier for your team to find documents. With just a few clicks, you can distribute documents in bulk to one or all clients for streamlined communication and collaboration.

More Tools to Avoid Workflow Bottlenecks

Automate routine, low-value tasks through these powerful features.

What Our Customers Say

I like to focus on the parts of my work that I enjoy - the client interaction and tricky tax problems - not practice analytics. SmartVault has reduced or eliminated a lot of the boring parts of my job - and my heavy duty stapler hardly gets used at all anymore!
Rhee Eliker Owner of Rhee Eliker, CPA, MBT
I would totally recommend SmartVault to other offices. It has so many perks for running an office smoothly - organizing client files, inviting clients to upload, getting notified of uploads. It's the first thing I sign into each morning to start working. SmartVault gets 6 stars out of 5 in my book!
Dania Amezcua One Stop Tax Service & Professional Help
We're now 100% paperless, working 100% in the cloud! SmartVault allowed us to eliminate our server and full-time IT service, saving around $1,500 per month.
Robert Paolini Paolini Financial Group, LLC
As the owner of PK Petrykowski CPA, serving over 220 clients across service businesses and individual tax clients, SmartVault has transformed the way we manage and share sensitive client data. Before SmartVault, we relied solely on email and physical mail, which was costly, inefficient, and less secure. Now, with SmartVault's document management system and client portal, we've eliminated the need for one full-time employee dedicated to sorting paper documents, saving us valuable time and resources.
PK Petrykowski CPA Prudence Petrykowski
I love using SmartVault because it’s so organized and easy to use. SmartVault’s integrated document management system and client portal helps us provide personalized services to our clients, increase client collaboration, and create stability and security in our workflows. I highly recommend SmartVault to other tax and accounting firms that are looking to securely work with clients online.
Diane Curtis Affiliated Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is document workflow automation software?
Document workflow automation software is a type of system that streamlines and automates various document-related processes and tasks. It provides tools and features to create, manage, and automate workflows for document handling, approval, routing, and storage. The primary goal of document workflow automation software for accounting firms is to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and improve efficiency, productivity, and consistency across teams and clients.
What are important features of document workflow management software?
Some important features of document workflow management software include: 

  • Customizable workflow templates and rules 
  • Automated document routing and distribution 
  • Integration with existing software and systems 
  • Electronic signature capabilities 
  • Document version control and tracking 
  • Secure document storage and access controls 
  • Audit trails and activity logging 
  • Notifications and alerts for workflow events 
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities 

What is an example of document/workflow automation?
One example of document/workflow automation is the process of collecting client documents for tax preparation or bookkeeping engagements. With document workflow automation software like SmartVault, accounting firms can create customized document request lists, send them to clients, and have clients securely upload their documents directly into the system. These uploaded documents are then automatically organized into the correct client folders, eliminating the need for manual sorting and saving valuable time for the accounting team. 
What are the benefits of a document workflow automation system?
The benefits of implementing a document workflow automation system include: 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks 
  • Improved consistency and standardization of processes across the organization 
  • Enhanced collaboration and visibility into document workflows 
  • Reduced risk of errors, lost documents, or missed deadlines 
  • Better organization and retrieval of documents 
  • Improved security and compliance with audit trails and access controls 
  • Scalability to handle increasing document volumes and growth 
  • Increased client satisfaction through streamlined document exchange and collaboration 
  • Higher staff satisfaction by reducing administrative burdens 

By automating document-centric workflows, accounting firms can reduce bottlenecks, minimize the potential for errors, and focus their efforts on more value-added tasks, ultimately driving productivity, growth, and exceptional client service. 

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