How SmartVault Compares to OneDrive

Looking for an alternative to OneDrive? Take a closer look at SmartVault, the file sharing and document management solution designed for professional services providers.
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Features you should expect from your B2B file sharing solution:

SmartVault logoOneDrive
Send password protected files via email
Add a customer login to your website
Auto alerts notify when files are uploaded or viewed
Version control and activity reporting to track changes
Files are encrypted in transit and at rest
Unlimited storage
Enable customers to upload directly to the portal
Two-factor authentication
Customizable folder structures

See Why SmartVault is the Better Alternative to OneDrive

For businesses looking for a replacement for OneDrive, these features help you improve your document workflow and increase efficiencies.

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Store and share all business and client files securely
SmartVault facilitates online document storage for all your files and serves as an integrated client portal to securely share files with clients and colleagues.
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Connect your preferred software
Create a more efficient workflow by connect your preferred software and apps with SmartVault. There’s no need for additional set up, and there is easy access from your print driver.
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Streamline your print, eSign, and file processes
Leverage eSignature solutions by DocuSign. Print a document, route to one or multiple signers to eSign, auto file the document back in the right folder, and be alerted when all parties have signed.
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Make general information documents publicly accessible, on-demand
Upload common informational documents that most clients ask for, so they are easily accessible, on-demand. These documents might be terms, team introductions, or information on new legislation.
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Tap into full data migration services
Partner with a SmartVault data migration expert to ensure your client data is migrated from your existing document store to SmartVault. This streamlines your onboarding and can help reduce stress.

Streamline and Scale Your Operations with SmartVault

Store all of your internal and client documents in one secure, organized platform with an integrated client portal that makes sending and receiving files from clients a breeze. Plus, integrations with leading business and productivity apps boost your team’s efficiency, making SmartVault the alternative to OneDrive that you need.

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A Scalable Solution

Count on a cloud-based DMS that delivers high performance no matter how many clients, files, and folders you add to the system.

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Secure File Sharing

Enjoy the ease and convenience of sharing files in the cloud, without compromising on security.

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A+ Customer Service

From customized onboarding, training for you and your team, and support for your clients, we’re here for you.

Save Space and Time by Storing Invoices Digitally

Before SmartVault, there was no consistent way to keep up with invoices. Vendors typically sent them physically to our store. Filing was tedious and heightened the risk of losing paperwork.”
Margaret Gay, Owner Mimi’s Boutique and Intimates
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