Sync Emails from Microsoft Outlook Automatically

Upload attachments or entire emails, request files from clients, and convert email attachments to secure links — all from Microsoft Outlook. 
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Increase Convenience and Security

Firms rely heavily on email, but this convenient method also carries risks – from potential data breaches caused by unsecured attachments to lost productivity from mismanaged email trails. SmartVault’s Microsoft Outlook integration provides a better way to sync emails while increasing security and convenience.
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Increase Security
Email password-protected links to sensitive files and folders instead of attaching them directly, which are known to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
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Sync, Archive, and Store Emails
Automatically save email correspondence in the client's SmartVault folders for easy access and archiving. Support your email retention policy for regulatory compliance, legal, and business continuity purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of syncing client emails into my document management system?
Syncing client emails into your document management system offers numerous benefits that enhance both security and productivity:

  • Enhanced Security: By uploading email attachments and converting them into password-protected links, you significantly reduce the risk of data breaches associated with unsecured email attachments.
  • Streamlined Organization: Automatically save and organize email correspondence directly into the client’s SmartVault folders. This keeps all relevant communication and documentation in one centralized, easily accessible location, eliminating the need to search through multiple inboxes or folders.
  • Compliance and Legal Support: Syncing emails supports your email retention policy, helping you adhere to regulatory compliance requirements such as those set by the SEC, FINRA, IRS, and other governing bodies. This ensures that all necessary correspondence is archived and available for audits or legal purposes.
  • Increased Productivity: Reduce the time and effort spent on manually managing emails and attachments. Automatically archiving and storing emails streamlines workflows, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Improved Collaboration: With emails and their attachments readily accessible within SmartVault, team members can quickly retrieve and collaborate on documents, enhancing overall efficiency and communication.
  • Business Continuity: Ensuring that all client communication is backed up and stored in SmartVault supports business continuity. In the event of an email server failure or data loss, your correspondence remains intact and accessible.
  • Request Files from Clients: Easily request files from clients directly through email, and have these files automatically uploaded into the appropriate SmartVault folders. This simplifies the process of gathering necessary documents and ensures they are securely stored.

Integrating Microsoft Outlook with SmartVault provides a seamless and secure method to manage your email correspondence, enhancing your firm’s overall efficiency, security, and compliance posture.

What Our Customers Say

I like to focus on the parts of my work that I enjoy - the client interaction and tricky tax problems - not practice analytics. SmartVault has reduced or eliminated a lot of the boring parts of my job - and my heavy duty stapler hardly gets used at all anymore!
Rhee Eliker Owner of Rhee Eliker, CPA, MBT
I would totally recommend SmartVault to other offices. It has so many perks for running an office smoothly - organizing client files, inviting clients to upload, getting notified of uploads. It's the first thing I sign into each morning to start working. SmartVault gets 6 stars out of 5 in my book!
Dania Amezcua One Stop Tax Service & Professional Help
We're now 100% paperless, working 100% in the cloud! SmartVault allowed us to eliminate our server and full-time IT service, saving around $1,500 per month.
Robert Paolini Paolini Financial Group, LLC
As the owner of PK Petrykowski CPA, serving over 220 clients across service businesses and individual tax clients, SmartVault has transformed the way we manage and share sensitive client data. Before SmartVault, we relied solely on email and physical mail, which was costly, inefficient, and less secure. Now, with SmartVault's document management system and client portal, we've eliminated the need for one full-time employee dedicated to sorting paper documents, saving us valuable time and resources.
PK Petrykowski CPA Prudence Petrykowski
I love using SmartVault because it’s so organized and easy to use. SmartVault’s integrated document management system and client portal helps us provide personalized services to our clients, increase client collaboration, and create stability and security in our workflows. I highly recommend SmartVault to other tax and accounting firms that are looking to securely work with clients online.
Diane Curtis Affiliated Financial Services
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