Microsoft Outlook File Sharing & Email Sync Integration

Want workflow processes involving Microsoft Outlook to be more efficient? SmartVault enables your organization to implement Microsoft Outlook file sharing integration that allows for email syncing. It’s easy to use — and helps you automate key tasks.

Simplify Your Workday through Microsoft Outlook File Sharing Integration

Straightforward integration with Microsoft Outlook can help your organization reach a new level of efficiency. Authorized users can upload attachments or entire emails to SmartVault. Staff and/or colleagues can request files from clients and convert email attachments to secure links — all from Outlook.

Enjoy convenient, secure online file sharing from Outlook

With SmartVault’s Outlook integration, you can email secure, password-protected sharing links to sensitive files and folders instead of attaching them directly, which are known to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
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Simplify email sync and archive tasks

For businesses providing professional services to clients, you can automatically sync emails to your SmartVault client folders by senders, conversations, or selected senders/subject lines. This capability streamlines the way you archive client communication. It also supports your email retention policy for regulatory compliance, legal, and business continuity purposes.
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Tap into comprehensive and local customer support, as needed

The SmartVault and Microsoft Outlook integration is available on all plans at no additional cost. Our local based development and customer support teams are here to answer questions and improve your document management and file sharing workflows through Outlook whenever you need.
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Send secure links

This Microsoft Outlook file sharing integration allows you to select any number of files or folders to share via secure access link(s).
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Prevent unauthorized access with secure sharing

Want to prevent guest users from sharing highly susceptible personal information as attachments? With Microsoft Outlook file sharing integration in place, you can request that they upload files into a designated SmartVault folder before sharing.
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Save email conversations through automatic sync

Users can save specific email conversations or entire correspondence from a client and automatically sync into designated folders.
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