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SmartVault Transforms Tax Firm into a Lean, Secure, Mobile Operation

Published: April 23, 2024
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For Dania Amezcua, the registered tax preparer and owner of One Stop Tax Service & Professional Help, implementing SmartVault has been “a game changer” for her firm serving over 800 clients.

Before adopting SmartVault’s secure document management solution, Dania struggled with maintaining bulky physical client files. “I used to make copies of all documents and store them in charts, which was getting very hard to manage,” she recalls.

That’s no longer an issue thanks to SmartVault. She now scans everything into SmartVault organized by tax year folders. No more hunting for misfiled papers or dealing with space-consuming cabinets.

All data is secure through SmartVault and clients have access to their own files whenever needed,” Dania explains. “The SmartVault mobile app is my favorite feature. I can access client documents from anywhere, even when I’m on vacation.

Client experience has improved as well. Her customers regularly use SmartVault’s client portal to upload tax documents directly. She raves, “The clients love the simplicity of just uploading files rather than having to fax things over during tax season.

From eliminating physical storage costs to enabling secure mobile access to enabling seamless client collaboration, the SmartVault impact has been significant. Dania sums it up:

I would totally recommend SmartVault to other offices. It has so many perks for running an office smoothly – organizing client files, inviting clients to upload, getting notified of uploads. It’s the first thing I sign into each morning to start working. SmartVault gets 6 stars out of 5 in my book!” By modernizing her processes with SmartVault, she has created a leaner, more secure, client-friendly tax firm capable of operating efficiently anywhere.