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Manage and share files online for your healthcare facility through our secure, cloud-based, and HIPAA-compliant document management solution.
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Replace Manual Procedures with Enhanced Paperless Workflows

Need to get more done while staying compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations? Now you can easily store, manage, and share critical medical information with an online document management platform that’s built for security and compliance.

Share files securely – and in-compliance with regulations like HIPAA

  • Empower all authorized users to find what they need quickly from a centralized platform
  • Protect your data during transit and at rest with bank-grade data encryption
  • Exchange files securely through a password-protected document portal

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Streamline operations through cloud-based document management

  • Support remote working capabilities by having all documents easily accessible online
  • Simplify the client experience by facilitating eSign for medical forms and documents
  • Convert paper records into digital files in seconds with scanner integration

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Reduce risks through built-in security measures

  • Protect patient information and other sensitive documents from cyberattacks and identity theft
  • Gain detailed control over user access by applying granular permission settings
  • Maximize compliance through automatic timestamped activity reports and a clean audit trail

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Simplify Document Exchange Between Healthcare Professionals and Patients

SmartVault is a cloud-based document management system that enables healthcare professionals to easily and securely scan, store, and share all relevant documents with ease.

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Facilitate HIPAA-compliant, secure file sharing

Go from paperless to productive by transitioning to scanning paper documents and moving digital files into one repository in the cloud. Share files and medical records with patients and staff securely, from a HIPAA compliant file sharing portal.

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Store and manage documents in a secure and centralized area

SmartVault facilitates online document storage for all your files so you can securely share files with patients and authorized medical personnel.

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Boost efficiency through automated workflows

Get critical tasks done faster with SmartVault. Create an efficient, paperless workflow with app integrations from scanner to DocuSign for less clutter and risk.

See Why More Than 2 Million Users Trust SmartVault

I’ve experienced a 25% savings across the board when I figure in all the money saved by eliminating paper, postage, and the decrease in time I spent mired down in a manual workflow.”
Anne Rosa CPA

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