Certified Vault

Vault Your Contracts Quickly and Easily with Certified Vault

Streamline your sales processes by storing your contracts and assets in our compliant electronic vault. Certified Vault enables you to create, store, and manage the authoritative copies of your digital assets so they can be signed and then stored in one central location.

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Close Deals Faster with Streamlined Workflow Automation

No matter what kind of e-contract you may have, Certified Vault can help you request and secure signatures on documents. These electronic documents become immutable, Authoritative Copies, therefore assuring both parties that details of a deal can’t be changed once agreed upon.

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Get e-documents signed quickly and easily

Streamline and expedite your deals by giving clients the option to eSign loan contracts and documents, directly from their mobile or desktop devices with technology powered by DocuSign.

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Complete faster, less complex transactions

Our streamlined electronic vaulting solution reduces complexity, cost, and the chance of error associated with protecting original copies.

Generate Authoritative Immutable Copies Icon
Generate authoritative, immutable copies

Request, send, and receive signed authoritative copies that are immutable and unalterable using secure, compliant eSignatures powered by DocuSign.

Verify Document Status At Any Time Icon
Verify document status at any time

Gain peace of mind, knowing that the authoritative status of vaulted assets can be verified at any time in their life cycle, so you can focus on business growth.

Maximize Compliance For All Deals Icon
Maximize compliance for all deals

Stay fully compliant with mandates and regulations for authoritative copies when you store yours in Certified Vault.

Grow And Future Proof Your Business Icon
Grow and future-proof your business

Promote confident long-term relationships between borrowers, lenders, and deal-makers by ensuring security and transparency across all vaulted assets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Vault

What is an authoritative copy?
An authoritative copy is the digital record of an original and unique document that evidences a monetary obligation and a security interest in specific goods, which has not been altered since it was signed and vaulted.
What is a digital asset?
In the context of financial services and lending, a digital asset can be an e-contract of a mortgage or an e-contract of goods and services such as automobiles, boats, or other high-value equipment.
What is Certified Vault for authoritative copies?
The Certified Vault is a SmartVault add-on feature that offers the ability to request signatures on documents that become the immutable Authoritative Copy which meets the UCC 9-105 requirements.
Who should be using Certified Vault?
Certified Vault is ideal for customers in a variety of industries such as security, auto finance, real estate finance, equipment leasing and more who have a need to process electronically signed contracts, generate authoritative copies, and store them in a place where it’s secure and fully compliant with laws and regulations such as UCC 9-105.
How does DocuSign work with Certified Vault?
DocuSign supports and enables the eSignature request and completion process that underpins the creation of a legally-binding authoritative copy within Certified Vault.
How does Certified Vault meet legal compliance standards?
SmartVault complies with the UCC 9-105 requirements and provides secure access to the authoritative copy for authorized users. SmartVault creates, stores, and assigns the authoritative copy in such a manner that is immutable, designated as the authoritative copy and designates SmartVault as the custodian.
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