Credit Union Document Management

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for credit unions.
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Transform the Experience You Deliver for Credit Union Customers

SmartVault was built from the ground up with credit union professionals in mind. You and your colleagues will be able to scan, upload, track, and control all your documents within one convenient, secure platform.

Store and manage documents in one secure and centralized portal

Go from paperless to productive by transitioning to scanning paper documents and moving digital files into one repository in the cloud. Locate and access documents with only a few clicks. Benefit from maximum security without the big-budget price tag.
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Boost efficiency through automated workflows

Get critical tasks done faster with SmartVault. Collect loan documents with request lists, speed up your lending process with e-signature integrations, and boost efficiency by connecting SmartVault with leading accounting and business apps.
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Simplify audits, examinations, and compliance

Our security standards combined with online document storage and password protected client portals make document collection and sharing for audits and examinations a much easier process. Our platform is also compliant with industry regulations, so you don’t compromise on security.
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Vault your contracts easily with Certified Vault

Streamline and expedite your deals by managing authoritative copies of loan contracts that can be signed quickly, easily, and securely through SmartVault’s Certified Vault service. This gives all parties confidence that details of a deal can’t be changed once agreed upon.
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See Why More Than 30,000 Business Professionals Trust SmartVault

Our experience with SmartVault has been very smooth. It’s a complete and practical solution. We really like that we can add as many clients to the platform as we need and we can control access to information and train our staff to manage permissions easily.”
Trevor Haley Staff Indiana Members Credit Union

See SmartVault in Action

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How SmartVault Helps You

The C-Suites

You have big responsibilities consisting of many details. With a centralized and secure document management platform, your credit union’s most critical information is all in one place and accessible 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most, and leave the rest to us.
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The Compliance Officer

Managing paper documents can lead to a variety of human errors and compliance violations. Simplify compliance and security with AWS cloud’s robust hosting environment.
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The Ops Team

Automated and customizable folder structures reduce the need for manual processes and allow you to work productively in the cloud.
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The IT Staff

Between support tickets, security threats, and system updates, you need a tech solution that makes your job easier. With one-to-one implementation support available, you can get SmartVault up and running quickly and securely.
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