Lacerte & ProSeries DMS Alternative and Replacement

Improve Your SmartVault + Lacerte Workflows

SmartVault is the only built-in online document storage and secure file sharing solution for Intuit Lacerte.

Pair Lacerte with a Better Online Document Storage Solution

Are you ready to move on from tools like Intuit DMS? SmartVault can help you transition to a virtual workflow. In fact, we can help you migrate all your clients and files quickly, easily, and securely.

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Maximize workflow efficiencies in Lacerte

SmartVault is the only document management and client portal solution that integrates with Intuit Lacerte. You can easily import clients into SmartVault from Lacerte, submit documents to Intuit Tax Import, print tax returns to the correct client folder, and much more.

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Collaborate with clients through your branded portal page

SmartVault enables your business to securely exchange files and interact with clients through a web interface customized with your firm’s brand identity. You can even add a log-in link to your website so your clients get a seamless experience.

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Migrate your client and business files over with ease

Whether you need to migrate 10+ years’ worth of files, or you’re just getting started, we make the process pain-free. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes. We also have many training and configuration options available depending on your needs.

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Gain all the storage you need

Concerned about the number of files you need to store? SmartVault has an unlimited storage plan – so you never have to worry about running out of storage space.

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Make a great decision for your business

SmartVault is competitively priced, and we can help you make a smooth transition from any other DMS you are using. No matter your question or concern, our expert team will give you the help you need to make the switch.

See SmartVault in Action

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Guidance From Current Lacerte + SmartVault Users

Enjoy the Many Perks of Integration

  • When you create a client in ProSeries, they are automatically created in SmartVault, complete with your customized folder structure.
  • Print all copies of a return to SmartVault and each version is automatically filed into the correct client folder.
  • Automatic email notifications let clients know when returns are finished and available for download.

Work More Confidently with Secure File Sharing

  • Leverage bank-level security encryption while files are in-transit and at rest.
  • Manage security permissions in a granular manner, down to the folder level.
  • The activity log tracks who has accessed files and folders so you have an audit trail of employee and client activity.
  • SmartVault helps your firm meet FINRA, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA and other compliance requirements.

We Love Our Customers

“At the end of the day, time is money. The substantial time we save through SmartVault translates into a healthier bottom line for my business.”
Michael Yuda CPA Michael J. Yuda, CPA

Thousands of Businesses Have Already Made the Switch

“A great, secure portal. The portal is safe and secure. It interfaces with other online tools we use.”
“SmartVault is great for us, as we have multiple clients of which need multiple people and vendors to have access to their info, but not have…
“One of the best online document storage tools. The best thing is the secure file sharing capability.”
“The best cloud-based file sharing software, with high bank level security, that I have ever used.”
“Simplest way to store files online. The storage and file-sharing service of the device are is very efficient.”
“SmartVault is great for bookkeepers. All the statements and reports I need to keep each of my clients’ books are kept in order, …
“The easiest way to keep employees in the know on anything and everything. SmartVault keeps our internal information safe, orderly…
“I like this company. I love the fact that SmartVault organizes all of my documents.”
“Very secure, scalable, affordable. Great cloud content management solution for business.”
“It is probably best tool for online document storage and files.”

Move to SmartVault and Never Look Back

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Dedicated to Your Success

Our experienced and dedicated customer success team is standing by to ensure your transition to SmartVault is smooth, and help your firm as you grow.

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Zero Service Disruptions

During the last tax season, SmartVault had zero unplanned service disruptions. Can you say the same for your current solution?

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Our Future Together Is Bright

More than ever, we’re dedicated to working with our customers and providing them valuable features and updates.

SmartVault vs. Intuit DMS

SmartVault logoIntuit DMS logo
Intuit Lacerte Tax integration
Online document storage with access via encrypted link
Integrated, custom branded portal to exchange files with clients
Import client list from Lacerte
Create custom folder templates
Password-protected email of files to clients
Supports your transition to a virtual workflow
Submit documents to Intuit Tax Import
Create customizable request lists to efficiently gather and track documents
Add a client login to your website
Full text search of documents
Continuous off-site backup of documents and data
Audit report to track client and staff activity
Auto-alerts notify when files are uploaded or viewed
Customizable email templates and mail merge automate document distribution
Batch print documents to SmartVault
Mobile-enabled guest users
Switching is a pain-free process
Migrate files yourself or let our customer success team do it for you
Free support via phone, email, and live chat
Starts at$480/year$489/year

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