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Drive Greater Efficiency through Workflow Automation

Want to implement workflows that reduce time-consuming processes? A series of discrete manual tasks that is transformed into a process that is automated helps achieve workflow automation. SmartVault’s core capabilities combined with powerful integrations enable your business to automate and customize business workflows for maximum efficiency.

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Power Up Your Workflows to Get More Done in Less Time

With SmartVault, you can integrate critical business apps, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline the way you collect, manage, and share documents.

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Move forward on work without barriers

With SmartVault, you and your clients can easily scan, drag-and-drop, or upload files from any desktop or mobile device to your online document portal.

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Expedite your workflows

Reduce manual tasks through automated and repeatable workflows. Organize files automatically into folders through drag-and-drop functionality.

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Boost collaboration and client satisfaction

Work with clients who are happy to do business with you. Better position your team to delight customers and turn them into loyal fans.

Implement Workflows that Really Save You Time

We see great gains in efficiency internally, but I’m most pleased with the time savings in client communications.”
Christa Skoupy CPA Auxilla Accounting

Over 30,000 Companies Trust SmartVault with Their Most Sensitive Documents

The all-in-one solution for online document storage, secure file sharing, and client portals was built with a security- and compliance-first mindset.

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Deliver Better, Faster Service for Your Clients

Speed up your workflows through powerful app integrations

Maximize efficiency and collaboration by connecting many of the apps your business relies on to SmartVault as a strategic integration.
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Simplify information collection through smart document request lists

Tired of chasing clients for information? SmartVault’s Request Docs feature lets you build document request lists that collect everything you need from a client in one place.
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Get work done faster with built-in DocuSign eSignatures

With SmartVault, you can send any file to be e-signed, receive an alert when all parties have signed, and have the signed document automatically routed back to SmartVault.
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Standardize your file structure with folder templates

Build folder templates that best fit your document workflow once and we’ll automate the rest. Say goodbye to messy folder structures and say hello to organization.
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Print and automatically route files to the right folders

SmartVault lets you easily print and auto-file documents to a specific folder. Spend less time looking for the file you need, and more time doing higher value work.
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Batch print and distribute documents in bulk

Save time by automating the distribution of documents to clients. Financial statements and final tax returns can be sent to 5, 50, or 500 clients in a click.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Efficiency & Automation

What is workflow automation?
When a business outlines steps required to complete a series of tasks, it has established a workflow. Once you have staff members performing these workflows over time, they can be streamlined and optimized based on lessons learned. But even when professionals understand these processes well, they can become repetitive, error-prone, and time consuming. Transforming a series of discrete manual tasks into a process that is automated helps achieve more efficient workflow automation.
What are some examples of workflow automation?
Scanning paper checks or invoices might be a relatable example of the first step in a workflow automation. Batch-sending documents to numerous recipients based on key contact information found within those files might be another workflow automation. Dragging-and-dropping a number of electronic document files into an online folder that then refiles those documents in appropriate subfolders could be a useful workflow automation, as well.
What are the benefits of workflow automation software?
Workflow automation software is designed to empower you and your staff to drive greater business efficiency and get more done in less time. For example, workflow automation software might enable you to streamline the way you collect, manage, and share documents.
How are workflow efficiency and workflow automation implemented?
Adopting a cloud-based document management system can be a first big step toward implementing workflow efficiency and workflow automation – especially when it comes to handling the documents within that DMS. From there, it’s possible to integrate other business applications with the DMS and manage workflow automation to optimize a wide range of business processes.
How is an online document management system useful?
A document management system (DMS) gives you and other approved users 24/7 access to your files from wherever you are located. If you use a DMS in the cloud, you can access your system from any internet browser. The DMS also makes it easier to securely share documents with your staff, clients, and third-party contractors. Users you approve, like your employees or clients, can also access and upload documents into your DMS.
What are the benefits of sharing files online and going paperless?
A document management system and secure client portal have many benefits for business owners, their staff, and their clients.

A DMS can simplify your everyday workflow, giving you more time to focus on truly value-adding activities. One way it does this is by automating routine tasks. Just this alone can save your business hundreds of hours of work. For example, instead of using emails to exchange documents, your DMS should offer secure file sharing capabilities through a private client portal. This removes the manual steps of including attachments, writing an email, and sending it. Plus, the client portal is much more secure than emails.

Many cloud platforms offer added features such as customizable folder templates, eSignature integration, and core workflow software integrations that connect your essential business tech stack with each other.

Reduce manual tasks with powerful integrations with the leading accounting and tax applications you already use and trust like Lacerte, ProSeries, QuickBooks, and more. SmartVault has a desktop app too, so you can access everything through your browser or Windows File Viewer.

Your DMS should let you configure automatic notifications, create templates, and establish a centralized location for your information and important documents to live. Imagine sending a form for signature with one click, receiving a notification once it’s been signed, and having the executed document automatically saved in the correct folder in your DMS. It would save you and your business a lot of time. It also reduces manual, error-prone processes, like when someone accidentally saves a document in the wrong client folder.

A client portal is a secure, private, and authenticated online platform that empowers businesses to better collaborate with clients. Using a secure client portal allows your customers to access their documents whenever they need to and from wherever they are. This frees up time for you that might have otherwise been spent sending (or resending) documents to customers.

Achieve Higher-Performing Workflows through App Integrations

Save Time and Money with a Powerful, Flexible Solution

It does exactly what we need it to do to share data in a very streamlined, easy way. When you look at the functionality SmartVault offers versus the cost, it really is an excellent solution.
Chris Brodrick Head of Corporate Service and Operations Carey Pensions
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