How SmartVault Compares to the Intuit DMS

Looking for an alternative to Intuit DMS? Take a closer look at SmartVault, the secure file sharing and document management solution designed for professional services providers.
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Features you should expect from your B2B file sharing solution:

SmartVault logoIntuit DMS
Intuit Lacerte and ProSeries integration
Import client list from Lacerte and ProSeries
Create custom folder templates
Send password protected file via email
Integrate scanner for easy upload
Save documents directly from Word, Excel, or Outlook
Submit documents to Intuit Tax Import
Integrated custom branded portal for sharing documents
Online document storage with access via encrypted link
Automatically create folders and client permissions from Lacerte or ProSeries
Add a client login to your website
Auto alerts notify when files are uploaded or viewed
Customizable email templates and mail merge help automate document distribution
Batch print documents to SmartVault
Audit report to track client and staff activity
Full text search of documents
Continuous off-site backup of documents and data

See Why SmartVault is the Better Alternative to Intuit DMS

For businesses looking for a replacement for Intuit DMS, these features help you consolidate your tech stack and streamline your workflow.

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Store and share all your files securely, through one system

SmartVault facilitates online document storage for all your files and serves as an integrated client portal to securely share files with clients and colleagues.

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Use customizable folder templates

Standardization is key to more efficient workflows. Use SmartVault’s out-of-the-box customizable folder templates to streamline client onboarding and client data management.

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Integrate with accounting and business applications

Integrate SmartVault with your accounting, tax, or productivity application. You can import clients, create folders and user permissions automatically, and save documents directly to SmartVault.

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Expedite workflows with the Connected Desktop App

Get lightning-fast access to your documents in the cloud, with the speed and performance of a desktop app.

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Streamline your print, eSign, and file processes

Leverage eSignature solutions by DocuSign. Print a document, route to one or multiple signers to eSign, auto file the document back in the right folder, and be alerted when all parties have signed.

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Automate document distribution

Batch print documents directly to SmartVault, leverage email templates, and use built-in mail merge technology to distribute documents to five, 50, or 500 clients.

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Tap into full data migration services

Partner with a SmartVault data migration expert to ensure your client data is migrated from your existing document store to SmartVault.

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Add seasonal licenses and count on extended support

If you hire temporary staff during your busy season, take advantage of our seasonal licenses. And get support via phone, chat, or email from your SmartVault customer success partners.

Streamline and Scale Your Operations with SmartVault

Store all of your internal and client documents in one secure, organized platform with an integrated client portal that makes sending and receiving files from clients a breeze. Plus, integrations with leading business and productivity apps boost your team’s efficiency, making SmartVault the alternative to Intuit DMS that you need.

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Cloud-Based Solution

Ditch paper or even on-premise servers and opt into the more convenient and secure document storage solution powered by cloud technologies.

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Secure File Sharing

Enjoy the ease and convenience of sharing files in the cloud, without compromising on security.

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A+ Customer Service

From customized onboarding, training for you and your team, and support for your clients, we’re here for you.

See Why this Alternative to Intuit DMS Works Better

I estimate that we easily saved about 15 minutes per tax return. If I multiple this by 2,500 returns, I would say that we saved about $10,000 in labor costs. And that’s a big win!”
Billy Johnston CPA Adams, Jenkins and Cheatham CPAs
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