Online Document Storage

Online Document Storage PortalStore and share your documents online anytime and from anywhere

With SmartVault, you get built-in online document storage and secure file sharing that is both secure and easy to use. You can enjoy the simplicity of a cloud drive, plus the data security features you need for business. Easily upload, access and manage your files from your desktop, a mobile device or a web browser.

Online document storage can help you
work smarter (and safer) with:

  • A no-hassle business continuity plan
    With SmartVault’s online document storage, your business documents are automatically backed up and stored offsite, so you can rest easy knowing that your critical files are always protected.
  • Improved efficiency and better service quality
    Your employees and clients can access the files they need anytime and anywhere via the SmartVault client portal, without having to request anything from you. In today’s world, your customers are demanding 24/7 access from all their service providers. (Would you choose a bank that doesn’t provide online banking access? Neither would your customers.)
  • Granular security delegation (so users only see the files they should have access to)
    An online document storage service gives you ultimate control over who has access to what file, and what they’re allowed to do with each file (read, write, edit, delete).
  • Easy and secure file sharing with remote employees and clients
    Secure online document storage from SmartVault means that you can send and receive files from employees and clients across the globe. So you can grow your business outside of your local geography, by running a distributed or mobile workforce, and serving a remote client base.
  • Central online document storage for ALL your files
    SmartVault is built for businesses, but who says you can’t enjoy the same great features for storing your personal documents, too? And if you use QuickBooks, you’ll love our integrated Toolbar for QuickBooks document management. So no matter what your document needs are, you get a single, centralized solution for storing and accessing your files when and where you need them.

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More than just a cloud drive…

SmartVault gives you all the benefits of a cloud drive, but with the best-in-class security and advanced features that you need to run your business. We also know that if it’s not easy to use, your staff and your clients won’t use it – that’s why SmartVault is drop-dead simple to install and use, and it works with the applications and devices you’re already using. Take the power of online document storage to the next level, with:

  • Power tools, including Inbox, Drive, and Client Portal, for easily uploading, accessing and sharing files
  • Mobile apps for uploading and accessing files from your smartphone or tablet
  • Folder templates for easily building out your vault and folder structure
  • Bank-level security with industry standard encryption of documents in transit and at rest
  • Activity reports that tell you who accessed or modified a file and when – important for staying in compliance
  • View files instantly in your browser so you can access a document without having to download it first
  • Version history to view and download previous versions of a document
  • Recycle bin to restore deleted files (’cause hey, accidents happen)
  • Support for any file type so that all your files can be stored securely
  • Integrates with other applications like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft Outlook, ScanSnap, and more, so you can work the way YOU work

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Online Document Storage

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