SmartVault E-Signature powered by

A secure, easy-to-use solution
for signing documents online

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Request electronic signatures on documents right from SmartVault.
Customers can now use SmartVault’s e-signature solution, powered by
DocuSign, for all documents, including IRS forms 8878 and 8879, which
require Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) for compliance.


Gain efficiencies in your day-to-day document workflow,
by getting documents signed in hours, not days.

Anytime, Anywhere

Customers can conveniently sign
from their computer, iPad
or smartphone.

Stay Informed

Get notified once the document
is signed by all parties.

Bank-Level Security

Documents are sent securely with
256-bit SSL encryption and
signatures are legally binding.

The fastest, most secure way to get documents signed online

Send a document for signature in under a minute, and get the signed document routed automatically back to SmartVault.

  • Send. Right-click on any file in the SmartVault Connected Desktop or SmartVault Portal to get it e-signed
  • Sign. Customers can e-sign right from their mobile device
  • Notify. You are notified when all parties have signed the document
  • Archive. Signed document will be automatically returned to SmartVault
  • Get Paid. Capture credit cards and securely process payments directly on your documents.
  • Stay Compliant. Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) for IRS compliance (Forms 8878 & 8879)

Now you can turn around documents in hours, not days – while still meeting strict compliance requirements.

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