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Streamline Collaboration through a Branded, Customizable Client Portal

Boost productivity and client satisfaction by securely sharing files and collaborating online through a customizable client portal. SmartVault client portal software facilitates a secure, private, and authenticated online platform for you to gather documents, exchange information, and provide services to customers.

Make It Easier for Customers to Do Business with You

Once you make your customizable client portal available through your company website, customers can log in 24/7 with their own usernames and passwords.

Share files securely with a branded client portal

SmartVault’s online document storage and secure file sharing solution comes with a built-in client portal, so you can securely and easily share files with employees, clients, and vendors. To make it truly yours, you can brand it with your company logo, color schemes, and custom subdomains to link to your website. Your clients get their own unique login, and can securely access files 24/7.
Share Files Securely With A Branded Img

Facilitate online document management and client portals from one solution

Built with professional services in mind, SmartVault’s client portal software solution comes with robust document management and secure file sharing features to help make your business stand out in the crowd. When you store a document in SmartVault, it’s easy to send it to the right people through the client portal, in a single step. Automated alerts can tell you when files are uploaded or downloaded.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Client Portals

What is a client portal?
A client portal is a secure, private, and authenticated online platform for companies to provide services or exchange information with customers. A client portal typically sits on the company website, with a link for customers to log in with a username and password.

There are many types of client portals that serve different purposes. A doctor’s office can have a client portal that allows you to schedule appointments, access medical records, or send messages to the medical staff. Your accountant may have a client portal for secure file sharing and document download. Whichever type of client portal it is, it’s a modern and convenient way for businesses to collaborate with customers digitally and securely.

Why do businesses use client portals?
With a password-protected client portal, you can add your clients as guest users and give them access to a shared folder that has all the documents they need. Instead of attaching critical information in emails, you can simply invite authorized recipients directly to access documents from a secure portal, significantly reducing the risks of hacking in the process.

A client portal should empower you to request specific documents and/or a standard group of documents from multiple clients at once. Built-in templates can help ensure you don’t spend time manually asking for documents again. The most powerful solutions can also send notifications to clients, gently reminding them to complete a given action item. The system should also automatically notify you when documents are received and downloaded.

What is the benefit of using a client portal?
A branded, customizable client portal gives your clients a secure, easy, and professional way to collaborate with you from wherever they’re located. It’s easy to invite clients to the portal, and they can access the portal directly from your website. Customizable folder templates automatically put the right folders in each client portal, which makes onboarding a breeze.

At a higher level, when you make things easier for clients, they may be encouraged to return and refer your business to others — which better positions your business to thrive. SmartVault’s customizable client portal delivers capabilities that make it easy for your clients to securely share files and collaborate with you online.

How do client portals benefit customers?
Your customers want to access the information they need at a time that suits them. You will find you have happier customers when they are able to find and share information outside of normal working hours. Also, if your client portal integrates with eSign technology like DocuSign, it means they can sign important documents directly within the portal. This eliminates the need to print, sign, copy, and send (or post!) a signed document. The time and hassle your clients save by not having to go through those steps should be greatly appreciated by all.
How does a client portal save time and increase success?

Using a client portal can help you:

Prevent loss of files and emails.
A client portal allows both you and your clients to send, receive, and access documents from one, easy-to-view location.

Access files anytime, anywhere.
Don’t lose valuable time because a file exists only on one machine that might be temporarily inaccessible, or worse, destroyed.

Sign documents instantly.
No longer do you need to spend hours or even days printing, scanning, or mailing documents. Built-in tracking allows you to see who has opened or signed a document.

Back up files along with version history.
Document version history provides a backup of your files in case of deletion or errors in recent versions.

Organize files automatically.
Documents are filed automatically to the correct folder.

Send batch communications.
Save time by automating the distribution of routine documents to clients. Send documents to 5, 50, or 500 clients with a single click.

Automate notifications.
You and your clients know right away when a file is uploaded, downloaded, or signed thanks to automatic notifications.

Are client portals a secure way to work online?
A client portal that’s built with security and compliance in mind will offer the following measures:

Encryption of data during transit and while at rest.
When sensitive data is at rest or being exchanged over the internet, it’s crucial that your data is encrypted every step of the way so no one can hijack your information and use it for malicious purposes. By using advanced encryption methods such as SSL and AES-256, a cloud DMS could provide stronger protection for your data.

Controlled access to information.
How your information is stored and who has access to your information are critical to your overall security and compliance framework. With a security and compliance-first cloud-based DMS, you can easily set granular access permissions to folders and documents, then allow access to files through authenticated logins only. These added security and compliance steps help enhance your data and document security measures, which could help you stay more compliant with various regulations.

Secure data backup.
Your documents and metadata are always stored using highly redundant replicated storage. Multiple copies of metadata and documents are stored in multiple geographical locations and backed up regularly to ensure data availability.

An activity log.
An activity log is an automatically generated, time-stamped trail of all activities that happened in your document management system. It tracks all events from all users — including document creation, download, and deletion — and generates an audit trail of what’s happening in your account. No person, including the engineers of the platform can make any changes to this trail, making it the authoritative record for auditing purposes. This feature is a requirement from several industry-specific compliance regulations. Depending on your industry, it could very well be the single most important determining factor during your cloud DMS vendor selection process.

How can I create a client portal for my business?
A client portal will typically sit on the company website, with a link for clients to log in with a username and password. To create a client portal for your business, consider partnering with a trusted vendor who can provide a client portal and an integrated document management system. A document management system (DMS) — also known as document management software — allows businesses to quickly and securely store, organize, access, and share documents. It’s a core part of having a beneficial client portal experience.
What do powerful client portals provide?

Unlimited Cloud Storage
Standardize and centralize documents with unlimited online document storage.

Unlimited Number of Users
A client portal should scale with you as your business and clients grow.

Secure File Sharing
Share files in the cloud without compromising on security.

Custom Branding
Give your clients a secure, easy, and professional way to collaborate with you in the cloud.

Customizable Folder Templates
Streamline your client onboarding process with templates that auto-create folders based on client type.

Mail Merge and Email Templates
Distribute documents in bulk to one or all of your clients.

Document Request Lists
Simplify how you request, collect, and manage client-prepared documents.

Automatically route files to the right folder for the right clients.

eSignature Integration
Send documents for signatures, approvals, and payment, and route them back to SmartVault automatically.

Activity Alerts
Get notified via email when documents are uploaded or downloaded.

Full Text Search
Find the file you need, when you need it. Search on file names, tags, and even text within the file.

Mobile Apps
Access your files anytime, anywhere from a mobile device.

Bank-level Security
Files are automatically backed up and encrypted using bank-level AES-256 bit encryption.

Activity Reports
Automatically generate a timestamped audit trail of all activity.

Microsoft Outlook integration
Automatically file email conversations with clients into their SmartVault folder.

Give your clients “always-on” access

In an increasingly mobile world, your clients expect anytime, anywhere access to their information. Our secure client portal software helps them easily download and upload files, without compromising on security, privacy, or convenience.
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Access your files anytime, anywhere, with ease

Enjoy the convenience of working in the cloud, without compromising on the security, compliance, and productivity features you need to run your business. With SmartVault, your data is encrypted and backed up automatically, and our desktop tools run at speeds comparable to working locally.
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Collaborate with customers digitally and securely

Professional services experts like accountants typically use SmartVault’s client portal software to facilitate secure file sharing and project communication.
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Protect your data with bank-level security

AES-256 bit encryption protects your data at rest, and SSL protects your documents in transit. Learn more from our Security Overview.
Protect Your Data With Bank Level Security Img

Satisfy all major compliance guidelines

Get the tools you need to stay in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, and more. Learn more from our Compliance Overview.
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Leverage Features Built for Client Service Providers

Simple Easy To Use Interface Icon
Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

Users can drag and drop files to their client portal, and view files in their browser without downloading them.

One Step Storing And Sharing Icon
One-step Storing and Sharing

When you store a client file in SmartVault, you can set an automatic email that alerts the client there’s a new file ready to view.

Securely Exchange Sensitive Files Icon
Securely Exchange Sensitive Files

Your data is encrypted and protected, and clients have their own authenticated login.

Branded For Your Firm Icon
Branded for Your Firm

Brand the client portal with your logo and color scheme, and link it directly from your website.

Customized User Permissions Icon
Customized User Permissions

You control who has access to files and can restrict permissions like editing, deleting, or creating files.

Audit And Version Controls Icon
Audit and Version Controls

All activity is timestamped in an activity report, and you can resurrect deleted or overwritten files through version history.

Mail Merge And Email Templates Icon
Mail Merge and Email Templates

Distribute documents in bulk to one or all of your clients in a single step.

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