Document Management Software & Secure File Portal

Boost business efficiency with a dynamic document management solution. SmartVault is the easiest and most secure way to optimize how you, your staff, and your clients gather, store, share, and eSign documents in the cloud.
Product Overview Hero Img
Product Overview Hero Img

Implement Online Document Storage that’s Easy for Everyone to Use

Simplify how your business works with documents:

  • Centralize your files and streamline workflows on a highly secure platform
  • Access your documents anytime, anywhere, and with ease
  • Make it much easier to collaborate with your clients and colleagues

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Get More from the Document Management System You Choose

Enable file storage, secure file sharing, and streamlined collaboration:

  • Access folders, files, and functionality from a web browser
  • Integrate the accounting and business productivity apps your business counts on
  • Streamline collaboration and improve document workflows

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Streamline Collaboration through Your Own Branded Client Portal

Make it easier for customers to do business with you:

  • Offer free and password-protected guest logins for secure file exchange
  • Give clients 24/7 access to upload and download files anytime, anywhere
  • Customize your portal with company logo and color schemes

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Leverage Cloud Technology to Share Files Securely

Promote secure document sharing and collaboration:

  • Protect documents in transit and at rest with bank-level data encryption
  • Utilize password-protected links for secure file upload and download
  • Control advanced user permissions so only authorized users have access

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Facilitate Fast and Easy Online Document eSignature Capability

See how simple it is to request and receive signatures from clients:

  • Streamline multiparty collaboration while moving business forward at speed
  • Allow clients to sign forms and contracts from their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices
  • Send documents for eSignature and receive signed documents back in the same folder

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Use Request Docs to Gather Essential Client Documents Quickly

Simplify the way you request, gather, and track documents:

  • Send each client a list of which documents you need, with guidance on how to share them
  • Create customizable request list templates that can be bulk sent from a central dashboard
  • Gain full visibility into submission statuses and manage all requested documents in one place

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Boost Productivity through Workflow Automation

Drive efficiency through automated document workflows:

  • Make it simple to scan, drag and drop, or upload files from any desktop or mobile device
  • Simplify information collection through smart document request lists
  • Batch print, distribute documents in bulk, and route files to the right folder automatically

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Streamline Secure File Sharing and Email Sync Integration

Maximize efficiency with Microsoft Outlook file sharing integration:

  • Sync emails to client folders by senders, conversations, or selected senders/subject lines
  • Upload attachments or entire emails to SmartVault
  • Request files from clients and convert email attachments to secure links

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Retain More Control Over Your Digital Assets with Certified Vault

SmartVault’s new Certified Vault feature, powered by DocuSign, enables you to:

  • Manage the authoritative copies of your digital assets
  • Sign, create, and store authoritative copies of your documents
  • Achieve full compliance with relevant regulatory requirements

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Easily and Securely Share One to 1,000+ Files in a Few Seconds

With our convenient platform, your organization can store all documents online, securely share files with anyone, send and receive eSignatures, automate document workflows, and much more.

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Connected Desktop

Maintain lightning fast access to your documents in the cloud, with the speed and performance of a desktop app.

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Mobile Apps

Access your files anytime, anywhere — including from a smartphone.

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Full Text Search

Find the file you need, when you need it. Search on file names, tags, and even text within the file.

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Document Request Lists

Simplify the way you request, collect, and manage client-prepared documents with request lists and list templates.

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Scanner Integration

Digitize your documents quickly with one-touch scanner integration.

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PDF Printer

Print files to PDF and automatically save them to SmartVault from any application.

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Automatic File Lock

Prevent users from accidentally overwriting data with files that are automatically locked for editing once opened.

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Version Control

Access previous versions of files so you never lose history.

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Email Alerts

Set alerts that notify you when documents are uploaded or downloaded.


See How SmartVault Works for You

Accounting Financial Services Community Banks Credit Unions Construction Education Healthcare Legal Manufacturing Real Estate Retail

Power Up Your Accounting Business with SmartVault

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for accountants and accounting firms.

Explore solutions
Accounting Img
Accounting Img

Simplify Secure File Sharing for Your Financial Services Firm

Want to reclaim productivity and end document chaos? SmartVault gives you cloud-based document management along with secure file sharing through your own branded client portal.

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Financial Services Img
Financial Services Img

Implement Secure Document Management for Your Community Bank

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for community banks like yours.

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Community Banks Img
Community Banks Img

Implement Cloud-based Document Management for Your Credit Union

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for credit unions.

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Credit Unions Img
Credit Unions Img

Simplify Document Management for Your Construction Business

Want an easier way to get stakeholders the information they need to make informed decisions faster? SmartVault enables you to access and securely share all project files from the field or from the office.

Explore solutions
Construction Img
Construction Img

Simplify Document Exchange Between Educators, Students, and Administrators

Most educational institutions want to maximize in-person learning, but people will be out sometimes. That doesn’t mean lesson plans, administrative work, or coursework must come to a halt.

Explore solutions
Education Img
Education Img

Simplify Document Exchange Between Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Manage and share files online for your healthcare facility through our secure, cloud-based, and HIPAA-compliant document management solution.

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Healthcare Img
Healthcare Img

Simplify Legal Document Management for Your Law Firm

Need to securely store, manage, and share all legal files from every case and client? SmartVault’s cloud-based legal document management software has been customized to meet your unique needs.

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Legal Img
Legal Img

Simplify Document Management for Your Manufacturing Business

SmartVault’s cloud-based document management system empowers your staff to collaborate more effectively so you can grow and scale operations more efficiently.

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Manufacturing Img
Manufacturing Img

Protect Your Clients and Your Real Estate Business

Whether it’s a property listing or a pre-approval letter, SmartVault allows easy, secure exchange of key real estate documents between staff and clients from an online document management portal.

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Real Estate Img
Real Estate Img

Simplify Document Management for Your Retail Business

Whether you have one shop, multiple site locations, or do your thing online, implementing a paperless workflow is key to driving efficiency and profitability.

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Retail Img
Retail Img

See How SmartVault Works for You

Accountant IT Office Manager Business Owner Partner

Streamline Client Engagements for Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Advisors

Simplify the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for accountants and accounting firms.

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Accountant Img
Accountant Img

Simplify Document Management for Your Business

SmartVault is a cloud-based document management system that allows IT professionals to securely gather, store, and share business documents and promote paperless workflows.

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It Img
It Img

Speed Up Client Projects and Simplify Your Workdays

Streamline the way you collect documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built to assist office managers serving a critical role at professional services firms.

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Office Manager Img
Office Manager Img

See How SmartVault Can Power Your Business

SmartVault offers a cloud-based client portal and document management system to help professional service businesses reduce costs, raise productivity, and maximize compliance.

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Business Owner Img
Business Owner Img

Power Up Your Workflows to Get More Done in Less Time

Streamline the way you collect source documents, organize client data, and share files by using a secure, branded client portal, built for firms that provide professional services like accounting.

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Partner Img

Extend the Capabilities of Your Preferred Business and Accounting Apps

Frequently Asked Questions About SmartVault

What does document management software do?
Document management software enables users to easily store, manage, access, track, share, and collaborate on electronic documents that are maintained in a centralized repository.
What is a cloud-based document management system?
A cloud-based document management system (DMS) enables authorized users to access electronic documents and other files online, from wherever they are located.
What are the types of document management systems?
There are two main types of document management systems (DMSs).

On-premise document management systems are hosted by a physical device or a piece of equipment you own. Think of your USB or portable hard drives, personal computers, local servers, or even file cabinets.

  • With on-premise document management systems, your organization maintains:
  • Ownership of how and where documents are stored
  • Offline management and access

Cloud-based document management systems eliminate the use of a physical device. In this case, the DMS stores documents and files in a hosting environment where a third party is responsible for maintaining safety and physical storage. The users only need is to upload files to the platform with the provider handling the rest.

With cloud-based document management systems, your organization benefits from:

  • Easy set up and maintenance
  • Remote access
  • Enhanced data security and compliance
  • More predictable costs

Are there compliance standards I should take into account?

Protecting data isn’t just a best practice. For many, it’s the law. Most organizations will want to make sure that the document management system they choose to use delivers maximum security so that major compliance standards like HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, SEC, GLBA, and CCPA are addressed.

What is SmartVault?
Built with bank-level security, SmartVault offers a cloud-based, secure client portal and document management software with features & customizations designed for professional service businesses.

With our convenient platform, businesses can store all documents online, securely share files with anyone, send and receive eSignatures instantly, automate their document workflow, and many more.

Why should I use SmartVault?
Whether in paper or electronic form, documents are critical to conducting business across a wide range of industries. SmartVault solutions make it easier for everyone to request, gather, store, manage, share, and sign electronic documents securely from wherever they are.

Many of today’s document-related processes are frustrating, time consuming, and less-than-secure. To help make their organizations work more efficiently, business professionals need better ways to securely gather, store, manage, share, and sign documents.

Who is SmartVault?
SmartVault is a team of smart, creative problem-solvers dedicated to improving the work lives of our customers in meaningful ways.

What began as an idea to move document-related workflows into the cloud has grown into a flexible, secure, and easy-to-use platform that allows users to integrate with popular solutions from Intuit, Salesforce, DocuSign, Microsoft, HubDoc, TaxCalc, Canon, and more.

With 30,000+ active users around the world, SmartVault is the leading solution for streamlining and simplifying document-based workflows.

How can SmartVault help a business like mine?
SmartVault offers business professionals the easiest way to request, gather, store, manage, share, and sign their critical documents — with bank-level security.

SmartVault solutions make it faster, easier, and more profitable for small businesses to collaborate with their clients. With SmartVault, an organization has one solution to centralize and streamline all their document-based processes.

Why is an online document management system useful?
A DMS gives you and other approved users 24×7 access to your files from wherever you are located. If you use a DMS in the cloud, you can access your system from any internet browser. The DMS also makes it easier to securely share documents with your staff, clients, and third-party contractors. Users you approve, like your employees or clients, can also access and upload documents into your DMS.
How can I create a secure way for my clients to share files with me online?
A client portal is a secure, private, and authenticated online platform that empowers businesses to better collaborate with clients online.

A client portal will typically sit on the company website, with a link for clients to log in with a username and password. To create a client portal for your business, consider partnering with a trusted vendor who can provide a client portal and an integrated document management system (DMS). A document management system — also known as document management software — allows businesses to quickly and securely store, organize, access, and share documents. It’s a core part of having a beneficial client portal experience.

What are the benefits of sharing files online and going paperless?
A document management system and secure client portal have many benefits for business owners, their staff, and their clients.

A DMS can simplify your everyday workflow, giving you more time to focus on truly value-adding activities. One way it does this is by automating routine tasks. Just this alone can save your business hundreds of hours of work. For example, instead of using emails to exchange documents, your DMS should offer secure file sharing capabilities through a private client portal. This removes the manual steps of including attachments, writing an email, and sending it. Plus, the client portal is much more secure than emails.

Many cloud platforms offer added features such as customizable folder templates, eSignature integration, and core workflow software integrations that connect your essential business tech stack with each other.

Reduce manual tasks with powerful integrations with the leading accounting and tax applications you already use and trust like Lacerte, ProSeries, QuickBooks, and more. SmartVault has a desktop app too, so you can access everything through your browser or Windows File Viewer.

Your DMS should let you configure automatic notifications, create templates, and establish a centralized location for your information and important documents to live. Imagine sending a form for signature with one click, receiving a notification once it’s been signed, and having the executed document automatically saved in the correct folder in your DMS. It would save you and your business a lot of time. It also reduces manual, error-prone processes, like when someone accidentally saves a document in the wrong client folder.

A client portal is a secure, private, and authenticated online platform that empowers businesses to better collaborate with clients. Using a secure client portal allows your customers to access their documents whenever they need to and from wherever they are. This frees up time for you that might have otherwise been spent sending (or resending) documents to customers.

What is the benefit of using a client portal?
A branded, customizable client portal gives your clients a secure, easy, and professional way to collaborate with you from wherever they’re located. It’s easy to invite clients to the portal, and they can access the portal directly from your website. Customizable folder templates automatically put the right folders in each client portal, which makes onboarding a breeze.

At a higher level, when you make things easier for clients, they may be encouraged to return and refer your business to others — which better positions your business to thrive. SmartVault’s customizable client portal delivers capabilities that make it easy for your clients to securely share files and collaborate with you online.

How do client portals benefit customers?
Your customers want to access the information they need at a time that suits them. You will find you have happier customers when they are able to find and share information outside of normal working hours. Also, if your client portal integrates with eSign technology like DocuSign, it means they can sign important documents directly within the portal. This eliminates the need to print, sign, copy, and send (or post!) a signed document. The time and hassle your clients save by not having to go through those steps should be greatly appreciated by all.
How does a client portal save time and increase success?
Using a client portal can help you:

Prevent loss of files and emails.
A client portal allows both you and your clients to send, receive, and access documents from one, easy-to-view location.

Access files anytime, anywhere.
Don’t lose valuable time because a file exists only on one machine that might be temporarily inaccessible, or worse, destroyed.

Sign documents instantly.
No longer do you need to spend hours or even days printing, scanning, or mailing documents. Built-in tracking allows you to see who has opened or signed a document.

Back up files along with version history.
Document version history provides a backup of your files in case of deletion or errors in recent versions.

Organize files automatically.
Documents are filed automatically to the correct folder.

Send batch communications.
Save time by automating the distribution of routine documents to clients. Send documents to 5, 50, or 500 clients with a single click.

Automate notifications.
You and your clients know right away when a file is uploaded, downloaded, or signed thanks to automatic notifications.

Are client portals a secure way to work online?
A client portal that’s built with security and compliance in mind will offer the following measures:

Encryption of data during transit and while at rest.

When sensitive data is at rest or being exchanged over the internet, it’s crucial that your data is encrypted every step of the way so no one can hijack your information and use it for malicious purposes. By using advanced encryption methods such as SSL and AES-256, a cloud DMS could provide stronger protection for your data.

Controlled access to information.

How your information is stored and who has access to your information are critical to your overall security and compliance framework. With a security and compliance-first cloud-based DMS, you can easily set granular access permissions to folders and documents, then allow access to files through authenticated logins only. These added security and compliance steps help enhance your data and document security measures, which could help you stay more compliant with various regulations.

Secure data backup.

Your documents and metadata are always stored using highly redundant replicated storage. Multiple copies of metadata and documents are stored in multiple geographical locations and backed up regularly to ensure data availability.

An activity log.

An activity log is an automatically generated, time-stamped trail of all activities that happened in your document management system. It tracks all events from all users — including document creation, download, and deletion — and generates an audit trail of what’s happening in your account. No person, including the engineers of the platform can make any changes to this trail, making it the authoritative record for auditing purposes. This feature is a requirement from several industry-specific compliance regulations. Depending on your industry, it could very well be the single most important determining factor during your cloud DMS vendor selection process.

How secure is SmartVault?
We’ve engineered SmartVault from the ground up to deliver maximum security for all files you collaborate on internally and with clients. SmartVault is built with bank-level security and with compliance in mind.

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