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Send files for eSignatures electronically, from our online document management platform that integrates seamlessly with DocuSign.

Initiate and Manage DocuSign eSignature Capabilities from SmartVault

Looking for an easier eSignature solution? The SmartVault platform is integrated with DocuSign so you can achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity in your document workflows. Centralize access to all the DocuSign eSignature and SmartVault capabilities through one, simple integration.

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Streamline multiparty collaboration

Eliminate confusion over the status of deals and/or contracts. With SmartVault’s eSignature solution you can see progress right away and know exactly who to follow up with, as needed.

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Improve workflow efficiency

Send documents for eSignature and you will receive relevant signed documents back in the same folder. This helps you avoid updating versions manually and saves time in filing paperwork.

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Reduce complexity

Gain even more efficiency by leveraging DocuSign as a subscription from within SmartVault. This way, you don’t need to manually purchase, manage, or monitor envelope inventory – and you won’t have an additional vendor invoice to track and pay.

Add eSignature Capability to Your Workflows

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Sign Online

Request eSignatures on virtually any file in SmartVault, and sign from any device.

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Get Notified

Receive an alert once all parties have signed the document.

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Get Paid

Collect eSignatures and payments with DocuSign’s payment gateways.

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Stay Compliant

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) for IRS compliance (Forms 8878 & 8879).

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Archive Automatically

Have signed documents automatically returned to the corresponding client folders.

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Keep it Secure

SmartVault’s bank-level encryption and authentication follows your document through the eSignature process.

Frequently Asked Questions About eSignature

How can I add a DocuSign subscription to my account?

To enable your DocuSign subscription, visit our resource center.

How many DocuSign eSignatures can I send with the subscription billing?
SmartVault includes an allowance of up to 100 sent envelopes per account user, per year. This is consistent with the Reasonable Use Policy applied across the DocuSign user base. We will not prevent you from sending envelopes if you exceed our Reasonable Use Policy. SmartVault reserves the right to adjust the price of the plan – at the plan renewal – for consistent use over multiple months in excess of the 100-envelope-per-year limit.
What are the advantages of subscription billing?
Subscription billing removes the need to purchase and manage envelope inventory and monitor envelope usage and gives you maximum flexibility to incorporate eSignature into all of your document signing workflows.
Which SmartVault accounts support the DocuSign Integration?
All SmartVault plans, except Business Basic and Starter, include SmartVault’s enhanced e-signature feature for free!
Do you need a DocuSign account to use the SmartVault's E-Signature feature?
Yes. You can sign up for a new DocuSign account via SmartVault.
Will DocuSign work with my tax prep software?
Yes, upload all your documents from your tax prep software to SmartVault in order to send documents for eSignature.
What is the cost of integrating DocuSign with my SmartVault account?
There is no cost to integrate a DocuSign account to SmartVault. You will not be charged or billed a monthly subscription fee. You pay as you go. You can purchase a single Envelope or KBA if you wish or, buy them in bundles of 50 at a time to save money. Envelopes and KBAs purchased through SmartVault never expire.
What DocuSign features are included with my SmartVault account?
When you sign up for a DocuSign account via SmartVault, you are signed up under an Enterprise plan. You get all the same benefits and features of a DocuSign Business Pro plan, without the monthly subscription fee. In addition, you can add all other Admins and Employees of your firm to your DocuSign account at no additional cost.
Can I use DocuSign worldwide?
Yes, you can access SmartVault DocuSign from virtually anywhere. Just sign into the SmartVault Portal from any computer and send out a document for signature. DocuSign is the global leader in electronic signature with hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries worldwide.
How do I send a document for signature from my SmartVault Account?
Connected Desktop: All you have to do to send a file out for e-signature from SmartVault is: right-click on the document in the Connected Desktop and select “Get Signature” from the drop-down menu.

SmartVault Portal: Sign in to your account, browse to a file, and click on the Get Signature icon.

Where are my signed documents stored?
Your files are always stored in SmartVault. Once signed, the signed copy will be uploaded to SmartVault from DocuSign and you will be notified once a signed document is uploaded.

DocuSign also stores a copy of documents sent for eSignature.

What is an envelope?
A DocuSign Envelope is used to send a document to your recipients for e-signature. Envelopes include any single document up to 25MB in size that can be emailed to any number of people to be signed.
What is a KBA?
KBAs or Knowledge-Based Authentications are additional ID Checks that include 3rd party verification of a signer’s identity. This method requires the recipient to answer detailed questions about themselves, based on data available in public records (such as their current and former addresses). Each signer of an Envelope that needs to be verified requires 1 KBA per signer.
Do my purchased envelopes or KBAs expire?
Envelopes & KBAs purchased through SmartVault are attached to your account and will never expire as long as your SmartVault account remains active.
How do I collect multiple signatures (ex: from a married couple)?
To collect multiple signatures in an envelope, use the Add Recipients button in DocuSign to add additional signers.
How do I sign a document after my client has already signed?
You can add yourself as a recipient and then set a Signing Order. When you set a signing order, you can set your clients to sign first and then set yourself to sign last. You will not receive a request to sign until your clients have signed the document first.
Can I send multiple PDFs in one envelope?
Yes. Once in DocuSign, you can click the “Go Back” button icon on the top left of the page. This will take you to a page where you have the ability upload additional documents to this envelope.
How do you initiate and collect payments?
In order to collect payments from your clients, you will first need to Connect your Payment Gateway to DocuSign. Once connected, you can add a Payment Item in the envelope and then enter the details of the payment. Once sent, your client will receive an email which will take them to DocuSign in order to Sign and Pay.
Which processors are compatible with DocuSign Payments?
DocuSign integrates with the following Payment Gateways: PayPal, and Stripe
Can I set up signature fields with a template?
If you send the same types of documents to your clients over and over again, you can streamline this process by using DocuSign templates.

First you will need to Create Your Template. Then in SmartVault, use the Get Signature feature which will take you to DocuSign. click the “Go Back” button icon on the top left of the page. This will take you to a page where you will have the ability to add a template to your Envelope.

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