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Let’s face it – being an accounting professional can sometimes be a thankless job. The work is demanding, technology can be frustrating, and clients don’t always appreciate the hard work that goes into managing their books, taxes, payroll, etc.

But we know that accountants are special people – you’re hard workers, critical thinkers, amazing problem solvers… and you deserve to celebrated for all the great things you’re doing in the world. So we asked our accounting customers…

What are a few of your favorite things about being an accounting pro?

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Leni Lambdin

"My favorite thing about being an accountant is putting all of the different pieces together to create the big picture. It is especially rewarding to see the light bulb moment for clients when they finally understand that all of the steps in the process go together to make their financial statements and businesses work for them."

Title CPA


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Deb Howard Greenleaf

"I love puzzles and being an accountant lets me solve puzzles for a living! Yes, maybe I roll my eyes a bit when someone mentions that they're a year behind in their bookkeeping and all their balances are weird, but I secretly love diving in to that pile of knots and turning it into a beautiful set of books!"

Title Virtual Accountant


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Sarah Adams

"My favorite thing about being an accountant is the opportunity to help other businesses succeed. It is great to be able to work closely with business owners to develop plans, track results and look to the future."

Title CPA


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Fred Gartenlaub

"The long-term relationships I have built with clients, their children, and grandchildren has been very rewarding. I enjoy seeing my clients prosper over many generations."

Title President


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Erika Corbin

"Simple: I love my clients! I enjoy my relationship with them being more than "skin deep". Being in both tax and financial planning, I am able to create a meaningful and lasting relationship for me, my clients and many times their kids!"

Title EA, Investment Advisor Rep


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Wes Rogers

"I love public accounting for two main reasons: I know I will continue to be challenged to grow and learn. And, because I get to help business owners solve problems that makes their lives easier - and that look on their face when they get it is priceless."

Title CPA


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Jonathan Lowenberg

"Well into my fourth decade as an accountant I still enjoy meeting with my clients and helping them navigate the world of taxes. It has been my privilege to celebrate graduations, weddings and births with them, and also to mourn the deaths of spouses, partners, parents and others, and to see them through a divorce or two. In other words, I have been there to help in whatever way I could through good times, bad times, and all the times in-between."

Title Owner


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Lauren Salinas

"I love working with new cloud technology and helping business owners grow their business. The new cloud software makes accounting so much easier and faster, and I believe business owners appreciate that."

Title Owner


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Jerry Catlin

"It's all about the client relationships! Robots may be good at some things, but empathy and humor are not always their strong points, so it continues to be an excellent field for growth."

Title CPA


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Brittany Zapol

"My favorite thing about being an accountant is creating "balance" in life! Not only do we make sure the debits balance with the credits or the assets with the liabilities & equities, but we also create balance between work & life by taking on the stress of keeping the books so our clients can focus on improving their business and still have time to live their lives!"

Title Operations Manager


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Jeffrey C. Adam, CPA

"As a trusted advisor to my clients, I can help them organize and strengthen their financial records which allows us to gain a better understanding of their financial affairs. With this greater understanding, it provides a foundation for us to provide planning opportunities and to set and reach lofty goals. Witnessing clients achieve their goals is very satisfying."

Title President


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Tricia Reynolds

"My favorite thing about being an accountant are my clients. I am passionate about seeing them succeed while providing them data and advice to use to grow and succeed. Nothing fulfills me more. Without that passion, I can't see me being an accountant. "

Title CEO & Founder


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Jacquie Murphy

"I really love learning new apps that make my job easier to do, so I can spend more time with my family and doing what I love most like going to the beach."

Title Owner / CPB


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Angela Main

"My favorite thing about being an accountant is the thankfulness of my clients and the sense of relief I bring them. Each client becomes a friend in some sense because I learn intimate details about their lives through the numbers. The appreciation that comes back to me makes long stressful hours and frustration worth it. I can't imagine any other career."

Title Owner


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Steve Conwell

"My favorite thing about taking on CFO responsibilities is the art and science of creating projections that are challenging and attainable. I love building financial reporting packages and measuring financial and operational metrics, because 'what gets measured gets done'."

Title CEO


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John Hasslacher

"I love being a proactive trusted advisor for my clients. We help them learn what they have already done, and provide the tools and guidance to make better decisions for the future. Being an accountant is more than working with numbers, we get to work with individuals and businesses and see them succeed."

Title Manager


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Maura Wiser

"I love being a bookkeeper because I can help business owners organize their workflows, and analyze a true financial picture with their tax professional throughout the year - not just in a tax time crunch."

Title Owner/Bookkeeper


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