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Keep your business moving forward in uncertain times

SmartVault is dedicated to assisting accounting professionals, small businesses and client-services providers at a time when their knowledge and expertise is more important to their clients than ever before. We’ve compiled the best resources to help you navigate these uncharted waters and keep your business moving forward.

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Impact of COVID-19: State of Accountants Report

Over 1,100 accounting professionals from 18 different countries weighed in on the impact that COVID-19 is having on their firm and their clients.

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The Tax Deadline is Officially Extended… Now what?

Now that the deadline has been extended, what should firms focus on to ensure they can support their clients through this unusual tax season? Learn how you can keep work moving for clients that need you now, while setting your firm up for future success.

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With the rise of remote working, cybercrime has peaked with attackers increasing phishing attempts and other scams to take advantage of vulnerable workers. Educate yourself, your team, and your clients of the risks.


Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers

As bookkeepers and accounting professionals you’re particularly at risk for cyber-attacks. Learn three ways to protect yourself and your clients.

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Simple Cybersecurity for bookkeepers

Learn to Spot a Phishing Scam

Since the coronavirus pandemic has pushed more companies to work from home, phishing scams have become more prevalent. Protect yourself and your clients from phishing scams with these 3 easy steps.

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Ultimate Tax Workflow

Training Your Team on Cybersecurity

The first step to avoiding cybercrime is to make sure you and your staff are aware of the methods that criminals use to get information.

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Digital Accounting Security Assessment

Do you know how your firm stacks up when it comes to cybersecurity? Are you unsure where your vulnerabilities are when it comes to keeping information safe in a digital world? Take this short quiz to assess your cybersecurity risk.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

The key to ensuring your business can survive the unthinkable is to prepare for anything. But business continuity and disaster recovery don’t have to be as daunting as they sound.

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Create Your Firm’s Disaster Recovery Plan in 5 Easy Steps

As accountants, most of us like dealing with certainty. As business owners, however, we have to be able to handle a certain degree of uncertainty, including situations over which we have no control at all. That’s where a disaster recovery plan (DRP) comes into play.

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Disaster Recovery Checklist

This handy DRP checklist is a great place to start for professional service providers who have yet to tackle disaster recovery planning.

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Cloud-Based Tech Stack

Powering Your Firm in Any Situation with a Cloud-Based Tech Stack

Firms that are safe from the unforeseen and ready for the future attribute three steps to their success: a firm vision, a proactive plan, and a cloud-based tech stack that when used together enables business continuity in any situation.

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Implementing a Virtual Workflow

Even if you’ve worked in cloud-based applications before, it can be difficult to transition to a fully virtual workflow. Enabling processes that allow you to work virtually has many advantages for you, your team, and your clients.

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How to Build & Streamline Your Client Onboarding System

Small businesses need accounting professionals now more than ever. Learn how you can build an onboarding process that supports clients virtually.

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Your Streamlined Workflow Workshop

Your team and your clients have a lot going on right now. To keep work productive, it’s important you’ve enabled them with technology and processes that keep them as efficient as possible. Learn how to design streamlined workflows in this hands-on workshop.

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eSignature Solutions

10 Benefits of eSignature

eSignature solutions provide an easy way for you to continue work for clients while maintaining a safe social distance, but they have many other positive benefits for your business as well.

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7 Ways a Client Portal Saves You Time

A cloud-based client portal is an obvious solution to enable remote interactions with your clients and provide them access to the documents they need without meeting face-to-face or handling paper documents. But implementing a client portal also saves you time & money.

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Mindfulness & Balance

In times like these, it’s important to incorporate mindfulness into your day and set boundaries and schedules that promote work-life balance.

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7 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Workday

Mindfulness is, at its core, the practice of observing rather than judging or immediately reacting. It’s intentionally taking a step back to assess what is going on internally for you throughout the day.

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Practicing Mindfulness & Being Present

The idea of having the power within myself to detach from the stress and worry I was feeling without having to go to a yoga class or meditation retreat was very appealing to me.

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How SmartVault is supporting businesses during this challenging time

With so much uncertainty, one thing that COVID-19 is shining a light on is business continuity planning. And the businesses that have enabled remote working as part of their overall planning will be in a much better position to weather unplanned disruptions. Cloud storage, secure client portals for safe document sharing and the ability to e-sign documents are foundational to enabling a remote workforce to help keep your business running.

How can SmartVault help?

Here are three powerful ways our customers can use SmartVault to increase business efficiency and higher levels of client service (without having to be face-to-face), while also maintaining a safe social distance to keep your employees safe.

Client Portal

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Client portals customized for your business

Use the SmartVault client portal to safely share documents with clients & vendors.


Secure Cloud Storage

Our commitment

We know this is a trying time for many businesses. And we want to make it easier for you to enable your team to be productive. To support you in this effort, SmartVault is committed to:

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and the urgent need to enable teams to work remotely, we understand it can be difficult to commit to an annual agreement. We’ve extended our annual discount to monthly plans from now through July 31, 2020 for new accounts opened by May 31, 2020.

Annual discount applied to new monthly plans opened between March 16, 2020 and May 31, 2020. Annual discount will apply until July 31, 2020, regular monthly rates apply thereafter unless the account is switched to annual billing.

Schedule time with one of our document management experts to see how SmartVault can help your business run virtually.