5 Reasons We’re Stoked about SmartVault’s Favorite Things for Accountants

If you haven’t heard yet, SmartVault is gearing up for 12 days of special surprises, educational content, and giveaways for accountants, just in time for the holiday season. You can sign up to be the first to know when new surprises are available by joining our email list here.

There are still a few days left until the party gets started, but in the meantime, here are 5 reasons we’re officially stoked…

  1. It’s a celebration of, by, and for ACCOUNTANTS
    Accountants are the hard-working, problem solving, butt-kicking unsung heroes behind every business, and it’s not often that they get the spotlight they deserve. We’re excited to shine that special light on a special group of people, and celebrate everything that they do to help the business world go-round.

    Accountants – you are awesome, and we’re ready to salute you!

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  2. You might win some cool prizes and stuff
    This is the time of year when I start wondering if there may be some sort of technical malfunction with my online bank account, because my money seems to be rapidly vanishing before my eyes. But there’s good news – word on the street is that SmartVault is going to be giving away some sweet swag that might help ease the pain of that dwindling balance in your bank account.

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  3. You’re definitely gonna learn some stuff
    A little elf told me that industry influencer Dawn W. Brolin, CFE.CPA is hard at work back at the North Pole, putting together some great educational content for accountants. If you could use some tips for boosting productivity, and getting the most from your staff, you won’t want to miss this.

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  4. You’re gonna meet some really cool people
    We’re not just honoring the accounting industry as a whole (though we’re doing that too) – we’re going to introduce you to some super cool SmartVault customers who are paving the way for small firms to grow and get more done in less time. Who knows… you might just meet your new accounting BFF!

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  5. It’s gonna be FUN
    Accounting and document management may not be three words you always associate with F-U-N. But we’re ready to blow down those stereotypes and party like it’s 1099 season! We’re simply having a wonderful Christmas time over here, and we hope you’ll join us!

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