Still Not in the Cloud? Santa and The Easter Bunny Beat You to It!

Last December was my son’s first Christmas, and as the holiday approached, I did a Google search for the best mall Santa options in my area – not expecting to find much. But to my surprise, not only did Santa have a web presence, I was able to reserve an appointment time to see Kris Kringle, skip the line, pay for my photo package in advance, and avoid a high pressure sales situation involving a teenager wearing an elf costume at the mall.

Santa in the CloudIt was a great experience, and my little man got along great with St. Nick. After the session, I was able to download all my photos and share them online. Good job, Santa. Good job internet, for making that as painless as possible for a new mom.

With Easter right around the corner, last week I found myself back on the web, and had the same amazing experience courtesy of the Easter Bunny and his online reservation and payment tool.

That got me thinking about the efficiency gains that accountants who still haven’t started working in the cloud are missing out on. Whether it’s because of cost concerns, or skepticism about the value of working with clients online, it’s time for accountants to realize that the future is here, and now. The Easter Bunny is in the cloud… Can a CPA firm in the digital age afford not to be?

More importantly, your clients are in the cloud. Easter Bunny in the CloudStudies show that while clients are catapulting to the cloud, the majority of SMBs feel that their CPAs are current or lagging behind. We are quickly approaching critical mass, a point at which not offering online services like client portals is on par with not having a telephone, or an email account.

If you’re still questioning whether there’s real value in giving your clients a way to collaborate with you online, check out a few of our case studies profiling accounting pros who have happier clients and happier lives (at work and at home!) since moving to the cloud:

  • Michael Yuda, CPA – living the good life in Hawaii, Yuda gets to enjoy all the perks of paradise, while still maintaining a strong, happy client base back in the lower 48, thanks to SmartVault and other cloud services.
  • Eva Harvey, Office Management Services – in a matter of weeks, Harvey went from unaware of the cloud, to running her business completely virtually with SmartVault. Now she can travel any time, and even relocated her business without sacrificing client service.
  • Jason Tyra, CPA – running his firm completely virtually with SmartVault, Tyra is cornering the market on the savviest digital clients, and growing his virtual firm by reaching customers across over 35 different states.

Have questions about the cloud?

If you have questions or concerns about moving to the cloud, we want to hear about them! Give us a call at 866-674-6785 or email us and we’d be happy to give you a demo of SmartVault, and show you how much value you can bring to your clients by interacting online with client portals.