SmartVault Local – Available Now!

UPDATE: September 2, 2015

SmartVault Local is now available! To learn more and start your free trial, see SmartVault Local >>


SmartVault will release a local storage option for customers who don’t want to store their documents online. This new capability will give customers the option of choosing where their files are stored; either locally (on-premise) or online, delivering a flexible solution to meet customer demands.

Why would I want to use SmartVault Local?

We believe that, for most firms, using SmartVault Online provides better security, reliability, and lower costs than using SmartVault Local because we have a dedicated team of security and operations engineers responsible for managing these tasks for you. However, if you are staffed for, and want to take on the IT burden of managing document security and disaster recovery, you will have the option to store your documents locally.

SmartVault Local is expected to release in fall 2015. Stay tuned to our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook feeds for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is SmartVault Local a separate product?
A. No. SmartVault Local is an optional feature that customers can configure during the set-up process, it is not a separate product.

Q. Will there be an additional charge for SmartVault Local?
A. No. SmartVault licensing will work exactly like it does today, on a per user basis. During set-up, customers will have the option to configure SmartVault Local.