SmartVault Announces Integration with Nexonia

nexonia-logofinalIntegration completes the digital workflow for automated expense reporting

LAS VEGAS, NV – November 4, 2013 – SmartVault, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) online document storage and secure file sharing solutions, today announced an integration with Nexonia, a leading provider of automated expense reporting technology. Nexonia offers a powerful, highly configurable expense reports system, supported by intuitive web and mobile interfaces that greatly simplify the expense management process. The three-way integration between SmartVault, Nexonia, and the users’ accounting system (QuickBooks® or Xero) offers a streamlined solution for automating workflow from expense entry through to having the expense source document accessed directly from the accounting system.

Nexonia’s integration with SmartVault enables users to immediately sync receipts uploaded in the Nexonia app directly with the associated entry in QuickBooks or Xero—offering a single, centralized source document repository and built-in audit reporting. Seamless integration also means that there is no need for manual data transfers, which eliminates risk of data entry errors and saves a great deal of time.

“We are thrilled to have Nexonia join our growing ecosystem of apps that are utilizing SmartVault’s document management platform to help increase efficiencies in common paper-based workflows,” stated SmartVault founder and CEO, Eric Pulaski. “Offering customers the ability to upload receipts to Nexonia, then have that file automatically sync to the entry in the accounting system means fewer manual tasks and a built-in audit trail. It is another example of the value that integrated apps can have in improving business efficiency.”

“SmartVault is a leader in document storage and file sharing, and their seamless integration with both QuickBooks and Xero made our decision to partner with them a no-brainer. The integration between SmartVault and Nexonia completes a highly efficient workflow—‘digitizing’ the entire expense reporting process from initial receipt entry to final file storage. We’re thrilled that the integration we’ve built with SmartVault is seamless and automated, which is just what our customers expect from us,” said Neil Wainwright, CEO of Nexonia.

Nexonia is expanding its reach in the world of automated business expense management. The solution allows users to scan receipts using a mobile device and have documents automatically categorized into expense categories within the user’s accounting system. The integration with SmartVault completes a fully digital workflow through to final storage of source documents.

Nexonia customers can turn on the integration with SmartVault right from inside the app. More information about the integration can be found by visiting the SmartVault Marketplace. And those attending Solutions13 – Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference can visit the Nexonia booth for a demo.

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About Nexonia

Nexonia is a leading provider of automated expense reports technology—Nexonia Expenses. The system is supported by the company’s leading web and mobile interfaces that greatly simplify the expense management process. Nexonia Expenses is fully integrated with most accounting systems, including QuickBooks and Xero. Learn more at