Pick a Client, Any Client

eenymeenyminymoWhy the Path to the Cloud is Paved with Baby Steps

Last week I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with some of my favorite accountants in Las Vegas for the 2013 Accounting Solutions Conference, and as always, it was great seeing familiar faces and connecting with new SmartVault fans. But after 6 years at the show, one thing stood out for me this year as a lesson that I hope all new SmartVault-philes will take away with them. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Even though it’s a big scary, exciting, cloud-y world out there, with lots of opportunity to move your business forward by reaching for the clouds, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to boil the ocean. You guys came home with lots of great information and advice, and we really want to see you meet the goals that you set for your firm at the show. But if you try to take on too many changes at once, you’re bound to get lost in the forest, and lose sight of the trees.

So here’s my advice… when it comes to SmartVault, or adopting any other tool that enables client collaboration, choose one client to start with. Test the waters, get your feet wet, and make sure that it’s the right solution for your practice before you roll it out to your staff or a whole slew of clients.

Finding it hard to pick just one? I recommend starting with your most flexible, tech savvy client first. If they’re successful (and they should be), you’ll feel motivated to keep going and roll it out to the rest of your clients. On the flip side, if your savviest client can’t seem to make it work, that’s a good sign that the solution just isn’t going to be a good fit for your firm or your client base.

Are all of your clients still living in the Dark Ages? If you don’t have a savvy starter-client, kick things off with the one with the greatest need for the solution (i.e. the guy with fifty pounds of paper on his desk, or the gal who won’t stop emailing you her your credit card info). The more they need it, the more you stand to gain from making it work.

Bottom line – don’t let biting off more than you can chew keep you from enjoying a really great meal. Start with one client, and if it’s the right solution, the rest will fall into place naturally. And of course we’re here to help along the way… if you’re ready to schedule your first training/onboarding session, head over to our SmartVault University.