How To Improve Your Accountancy Business eBook

Learn Jane Aylwin’s four critical success factor’s of running an accounting business.

by Jane Aylwin

In this eBook, you’ll learn Jane Aylwin’s four critical success factor’s of running an accounting business and receive tips and advice on how to maximise the opportunities that exist for you in the world of modern day accounting.

This eBook cover what she considers to be the four critical success factors of running a successful bookkeeping and accountancy practice:

  1. How to work out the best price for your services
  2. Standing out with your customer service
  3. How to build your confidence
  4. Deciding which systems are best for your business

Watch the accompanying webinars via the ‘How to Get Great Results from your Business’ homepage

Note from the author:

I hope that by reading my eBook you will learn from my mistakes, and my successes, and achieve your business goals (whatever they may be) in a much shorter, and far more enjoyable, time than I did!

I believe that bookkeepers and accountants have an extremely important role to play in helping businesses grow and be successful, more so now than ever before.

There is plenty of work out there and you have every opportunity to build the business you want!

I cannot stress enough the importance of planning and understanding what you want to achieve, it was very hard for me because I did not do this and I spent a very long time just, to use my own analogy, driving around in the hope I would end up somewhere I wanted to be! In the end I did, but it took a long time, was very stressful, and cost me a lot more than money. I only wish that I can impart the lessons I learnt during this eBook, and you can take your business on to the next level with a little help from me!

Jane Aylwin
A true believer in the awesome power of data, a huge advocate of the ‘accounting revolution’ and an excitable supporter of cloud technology, Jane Aylwin is passionate about entrepreneurial small businesses and the role accountants and bookkeepers have to play in the business world. She is a certified ICB Member who was in practice until only recently, selling her bookkeeping business to take a senior role at a London firm. Jane has co-written a book, ‘How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business’, delivered presentations at The ICB Conference and, for the last four years, has been a speaker at Accountex.