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Busy Accounting Firm Increases Efficiency with SmartVault Client Portal

Published: April 6, 2023
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As the Partner and owner of Cornerstone CPA, LLC, Jennifer Magyar, CPA, recognized the negative impact their previous client portal – which she described as “clunky and hard to maneuver” – was having on her firm.   

It was time to switch to a client portal that would help them create efficient workflows and make it easier to collaborate with clients.  

Making the Move to a Better Client Portal 

A cloud-based client portal helps accountants and their clients securely and easily share files and collaborate from wherever they’re located. While there are many solutions available, they’re not all created equal.  

The firm provides accounting, tax strategy, and client advisory services to a variety of clients, so it was important they chose a solution that would empower staff and clients to stay organized, streamline workflows, and get more done in less time.  

“I made the decision to switch to SmartVault,” Jennifer said. The firm appreciates SmartVault’s ease of use, which has made the transition from their previous system smooth. “We can configure folders to exactly what we want,” she explained. “And we like the integration with DocuSign, and that it automatically saves signed documents to the right folders.” 

Jennifer noted that her clients are on board with SmartVault too, and they’ve been uploading and downloading documents on the portal without issues. She also appreciates that the SmartVault Academy is helpful for learning how to use the solution. 

Benefiting from Efficient, Simple Workflows 

Jennifer and her team are pleased with the decision to switch to SmartVault. “My favorite part about SmartVault is how easy it is to use. It just makes sense,” she said. 

With SmartVault, Cornerstone CPA has improved their efficiency, saving time and resources that can be better spent on serving their clients. “I totally would recommend SmartVault to others looking for a cloud-based client portal,” she said.