Take control of your personal information with VirtualVault, powered by SmartVault

A digital vault to keep all your important documents organized, protected and easy to access and share.
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Protect everything important with VirtualVault

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Protect your personal & financial information

Gain peace of mind knowing your most important documents are securely stored and backed-up in one digital vault -- easily accessed anytime and from anywhere.

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Reduce time and frustration

Collect important documents needed in support of a financial or legal transaction or a health-related event without the hassle.

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Take control of your most important documents

Get the highest-level protection when you need to access or share these documents with others.

Over 164 million sensitive records were exposed during breaches in 2019.

“Every time a consumer requests convenience over a more secure engagement, it creates an environment where hackers and bad actors have fewer obstacles to getting to their payday. Consumers that continue to value convenience over security place their data in the cross-hairs.”
2019 End-of-Year Data Breach Report by the Identity Theft Resource Center

With VirtualVault, you get the highest level of protection without sacrificing convenience.

3 ways VirtualVault has your back

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I am buying a house and need to provide my tax returns, bank statements, paystubs and W-2 to my loan officer to secure financing.

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My family member has a health emergency, and I need to prove I am authorized to make decisions on their behalf.

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I have lost my home in a fire, hurricane or flood and all my personal & financial documents are destroyed, I need a copy of my insurance policy and driver’s license to start getting my life back in order.

VirtualVault is in beta and is being offered in limited release. From $2.99/month.

To learn more, email us at virtualvault@smartvault.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Vault?

VirtualVault is a personal digital vault designed to keep important documents organized, protected, and easy to access and share with others who need them.

Is VirtualVault a separate product from SmartVault?

Yes, VirtualVault is a new personal vault from SmartVault. It is designed for personal use with custom folders to store important personal and financial documents such as bank statements, tax returns, paystubs, identity documents, directives, titles, deeds and insurance policies.

Will any of the workflows between my client and I change if they start a VirtualVault account?

No. If your client chooses to set up a personal VirtualVault, this will be their own account, completely separate from your SmartVault account. There will be no change in the way you work with your client and exchange documents via the SmartVault Portal.

Will my client be able to move documents from my SmartVault account to their VirtualVault account?

No. If your client sets up a VirtualVault account, they will have the option of copying (not moving) their documents (the documents they currently have read access on today) to their personal VirtualVault account. The purpose of this is to allow your clients to safely store a copy of their tax return and source documents in their own VirtualVault account. This means that if they ever need to share these documents with someone else, they can do so safely from their own VirtualVault account.

Why are you launching the beta of VirtualVault during tax season?

The number of clients actively using the SmartVault Client Portal during tax season is greater than other times of the year, which allows us to gather feedback on this product offer without impacting the workflow between you and your client. The value to your client is that they have the opportunity to safely store a copy of their tax return and source documents in their own VirtualVault account, ensuring their most important documents are protected and their risk of identity theft is reduced.

If my client calls me with questions on VirtualVault, what should I do?

We built VirtualVault to be as simple and intuitive as possible in an effort to limit any questions from your clients. Within VirtualVault, users can live chat directly with our support team, email us at vaultsupport@smartvault.com or call us directly at 888-607-4275.