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Published: March 8, 2023
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Having spent the majority of his career in public accounting, Rohit Lalwani was all too familiar with the curse of paper and outdated, manual processes. So when he took over’s accounting, his main objective was to lose the paper and gain the flexibility that comes with working in a digital, integrated environment

“Until you’ve worked in public accounting, you can’t imagine the level of wasted time and frustration that comes with manual processes,” stated Rohit Lalwani, Controller for the popular online retailer “I remember staff working harder than they had to and that made them very unhappy.”

When he left public accounting, Lalwani was determined to create a better, more efficient accounting operation. After taking over as Controller at, he stayed true to this commitment. Within the first few weeks, he had researched leading cloud-based technologies and began to develop a paperless office for the company.

“My goal was to eliminate paper and work at the highest level of efficiency,” said Lalwani. “When I started, the accounting department ran on paperwork and email. This was not efficient. We required technology that supported a streamlined, paperless process.”

Lalwani identified SmartVault very early on. He tested the product and worked closely with his SmartVault representative to ensure it was the right solution to support his goal of paperless. It was.

“SmartVault not only offers a powerful cloud-based online document storage, it also integrates with QuickBooks. The two-way sync means no re-keying of data—and that means tons of time saved and a reduction in human error.”

Having only been in his position for a few months, Rohit Lalwani has made major process changes at “At the end of the day, it’s all about running more efficiently and eliminating human error. When you have the right technology in place, these goals are easily obtainable.”

Lalwani wasn’t content with simply working in a paperless office environment, he also required a solution that offered appropriate data security and ease of use.

“When I research a product, I am very thorough,” Lalwani stated.
“I didn’t select SmartVault immediately. I needed to know it was also secure and intuitive. There had to be more in it for us than moving our files to the cloud.”

Because he worked in public accounting for years prior, Lalwani is more sensitive than most about the importance of keeping data safe.

“You can’t overlook data security. I did my research and was very pleased with SmartVault’s data encryption method. I know that my data is far more secure using SmartVault and storing documents in the cloud than emailing sensitive information back and forth. I’m very impressed with the level of security the solution offers,” Lalwani stated.

Lalwani also knows the importance of data back up. “I always ask myself: what if there is a hazard…like a fire takes out the office and the servers? Data is gone if this happens. Keeping data onsite isn’t a good system. With SmartVault, I know my data is backed up on a regular basis. That gives me peace of mind that my data will always be there.”

Beyond security and back up, Lalwani also wanted a system that was easy to learn and use and would help streamline processes. These items were checked off the list with SmartVault.

“We were up and running in no time. SmartVault is incredibly intuitive, so there is little to no learning curve. And the integration with QuickBooks is instant. You put the two solutions together and they work…seamlessly. This means we can access any source document immediately from within either SmartVault or QuickBooks. It’s so convenient,” explained Lalwani.

The ease of secure file sharing is another core benefit of using SmartVault. According to Lalwani, there is a constant need to share files with the company’s CEO and legal council—who are all frequently on the run.

“SmartVault has helped us simplify the review process. We send a secure link to a document’s location. They click the link and have immediate access. It’s easy and efficient for everyone.”

Building a custom system is part of Lalwani’s vision

“I need a system that uniquely supports our process,” stated Lalwani. “I’ve been working with my representative to get custom features added.”

Looking to further simply processes, Lalwani is now on a mission to customize the approval process by adding an “Approved” check box within SmartVault. “This would make work life so much easier by eliminating emails back and forth. By having approvers check the box, it also makes them accountable for reviewing the work. I’m all about accountability!”

Lalwani indicated that SmartVault has been great about listening to his needs and working with him to get the features in place that he needs. “The folks at SmartVault have been very receptive to my requests. Where can you find that level of involvement from a vendor these days?”

The changes in’s accounting operations since implementing SmartVault have been significant. Lalwani reports that has eliminated a lot of paper and developed highly efficient, e-processes (saving time and the need for added resources).

“There is more to do,” added Lalwani. “But with SmartVault, we are well on our way.”