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Preferred Small Business Solutions

Published: June 19, 2015
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Donna Olah-Reiken, owner of Preferred Small Business Solutions is always looking for ways to better serve her clients. Her goal is to consistently enhance the client’s experience by streamlining processes and supporting them with the most advanced platform.

Offering client portals was one way to improve service—enabling 24/7 access to documents and the convenience of working online. However, with the move to online comes concern regarding data security.

“We had been using a portal system prior to SmartVault, which allowed us to offer clients anytime access to their documents, but it was not the most secure system. I don’t view it as a service enhancement if the security is not there,” Donna explained.

Also determined to improve her data back up situation, Donna kept her eyes open for a new document file storage, sharing and portals solution that would help improve service to clients and also ensure that data was backed up on a regular basis. That solution was SmartVault.

Value all around

Donna was firm on her requirements for the new system. “I just wanted to come into the office assured that my data was backed up. With SmartVault, I know that data backups happen automatically, and that’s reassuring. I also know that my client files are safe because this is a highly secure solution.”

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Donna spent a great deal of time on the ProAdvisor website, which is where she learned about SmartVault. “Everything I read said it was secure, and that’s what drove me to schedule a demo.”

She was so impressed by the demo that she implemented the solution shortly after and soon found value beyond backups and security.

“Working within an online system has further helped me streamline workflow and boost efficiency…so much so that I was able to transition from hourly billing to fixed fees. I now offer services at three levels: silver, gold, and platinum.”

With value billing in place, Donna can rapidly grow her clientele because she is no longer limited to the number of hours she can work. With an online system in place, she can also easily support remote staff.

I have three bookkeepers that work for me and all are remote. With SmartVault, they can work in the same account easily without having to email information back and forth.

Final words… 

Donna Olah-Reiken is a dedicated firm owner who maintains a focus on how to best serve her clients. This includes offering them a platform where they can access their documents anytime and from anywhere they choose.

“SmartVault is the answer to better serving clients, and answered my need for data security,” she stated.

SmartVault has been an integral component of Donna’s technology infrastructure and has allowed her to better serve clients, easily support remote staff, adhere to a value billing model, and sleep easy knowing that her data is backed up daily and is secure in the cloud.