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Jason M. Tyra, CPA

Published: January 5, 2016
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Jason Tyra is on the move to corner the market on what he terms “digital currency clients.” These are the clients who operate their businesses exclusively online—and as such, are exceptionally tech savvy. Tyra, owner of Jason Tyra CPA, PLLC, also works predominately online, which is exactly how he likes it.

“I try to operate as paperless as possible and very efficiently. Working within a digital workflow allows me to support my clients almost completely online,” explained Tyra. “My clients are largely younger entrepreneurs with online businesses. They rely on advanced technology, so it’s the way they want to work with me…they expect it.”

Tyra serves clients all over the country, covering approximately 35 states. Having built a cloud-based infrastructure allows him to move past the boundaries of time and distance and reach clients nationwide. “SmartVault is part of my technology infrastructure, which allows me to easily serve my clients remotely. If I was limited to my local area, I wouldn’t have grown my business as much as I have or plan to.”

Prior to using SmartVault as his secure file sharing, storage and portal solution, Tyra used a desktop-based DMS. The solution barred him from sharing client documents in the cloud, and therefore, hindered efficiency. In 2014, he transitioned to SmartVault, and has since upped his game in terms of client service and security.

“My clients are living and working online, so they are well aware of the potential threats to data…they expect the highest level of security. They also expect the convenience of working online.”

SmartVault meets these demands.

“Ninty-nine percent of my clients don’t want to meet face to face. They want to interact online and access their documents quickly when needed. They also want to access their data within a secure space. Because my clients are tech savvy, when I explain how SmartVault works and the level of security built in, they understand and appreciate it.”

Support gets high marks

Jason Tyra experienced very few issues when migrating his data from his previous DMS to SmartVault. In fact, he stated that the few hiccups he did encounter were not caused by the solution.

“I ran into a few hiccups,” Tyra said, “But they came from me. Once I reached out to SmartVault’s support team, the process was smooth.”

Overall, Tyra reported a fast and pain-free migration. He followed the SmartVault process and worked with a dedicated support contact. “They have it down. It was very easy.”

“With SmartVault, I have really raised the bar on client service.”

Final words

He also understands the potential monetary gains of using the system for all document delivery. To date, Tyra provides clients’ tax returns within the SmartVault portal, but also mails a paper copy. While he doesn’t have a definitive date in mind, he will make the move to a completely paperless environment in the future.

“I know that I can save thousands of dollars a year once I stop printing and mailing copies of client tax returns, and instead offer only the electronic copy within the SmartVault Portal.”

Tyra made it clear that SmartVault is an integral component within his firm, and that it has allowed him to significantly improve processes. “With the old DMS, I didn’t have the option to improve processes because I was tethered to the desktop version. With SmartVault, I have really raised the bar on client service.”