At SmartVault, we're on a mission to make people productive and happy.

We believe that when you're free from routine, repetitive tasks, you can focus your time on activities that bring more value to your business and personal life. 

One place

In 2008, we started with a simple premise, create a single destination for your documents so that it's easy to find the files you need when you need them, from any app and any device.

Today, SmartVault is an online platform for managing and securely sharing files. It's integrated with market leading business and accounting apps to give you a more efficient workflow. You'll spend less time looking for and managing the flow of documents, and more time doing things that add greater value to your business. Is it a better life? We think so.

Our values

Our values guide the way we build product and run our business.

Every customer experience must include a smile

The original and arguably the most important rule.

If we can satisfy our customers, and genuinely improve their lives, success will follow. 

Show grit and make sh*t happen

Your mental toughness and perseverance is a better predictor of your success than any other factor.

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up, so roll up your sleeves and DO things already!

Keep it simple

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough, no matter how smart you are. 

Always challenge yourself to radically simplify.

Better together

Positive thinking will allow us to achieve the impossible.

We've got each other's backs.

No egos. Best idea wins.


(Blow Sh*t Up!)

We're out to change the world -- to break from convention.

We're agile.

We're fearless. 

Data drives decisions

We're a data-driven organization.

We need to collect as much data as possible, understand it as simply as possible, then come to the best possible decision.

Our team

We work to create a culture of healthy empowerment where team members are inspired to do what's right for themselves, their teammates and our customers.

We have a test & learn philosophy, we embrace failure, we appreciate what is unique about our team members and we really try not to take success for granted. Ultimately we want to find the best in ourselves, and in each other. We are all #bettertogether.

We Embrace the Journey


AUG 2008
SmartVault launches with an integrated Toolbar for QuickBooks, and we bring on our first customers

JUN 2009
Here comes innovation award #1. SmartVault recognized by CPA Technology Advisor for being one of the most innovative products for the accounting profession.

AUG 2009
SmartVault launches Accountant Edition allowing accountants to share files securely with clients

JUN 2010
We are recognized again with an innovation award from CPA Technology Advisor (and this continues in 2011, 2012, 2013)

JAN 2011
First version of the Software Developer Kit (SDK) ships to allow third-party apps to integrate document management and file sharing capabilities

MAY 2011
First partner, ResultsCRM ships integration with SmartVault

OCT 2012
We receive the first of four Sleeter Awesome App awards

NOV 2012
SmartVault receives patent for unique Toolbar technology

DEC 2012
SmartVault launches integration with QuickBooks Online

JUN 2014
Intuit ProConnect selects SmartVault as integrated document management partner for Lacerte and ProSeries apps

SEP 2015
Major release, SmartVault for Accountants hits the market with expanded customization and security enhancements for the accounting pro

JAN 2016
SmartVault is acquired by Reckon Limited as they expand their document management strategy in the US, UK and Australia

AUG 2017
Hurricane Harvey hits the Houston-based team hard, but we fight back. Zero downtime for SmartVault users, and our employees work along with millions of Houston-strong to rebuild.

AUG 2017
SmartVault becomes part of GetBusy (AIM Listed, GETB), and doubles down on growing our team and developing products that make our customers happier and more productive.

AUG 2018
SmartVault turns 10!

As we celebrate 10 years of growth and innovation, we are grateful to our community of customers, partners, team members, and friends and family for making this an epic journey.









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