The Integration Missing to Complete Your Finish and File Process

SmartVault is the only document management and file-sharing
integration for Lacerte and ProSeries


SmartVault + Intuit ProConnect

A Truly Integrated Tax Prep & Delivery System

for Lacerte & Proseries Users

With SmartVault, you can amplify the efficiency of your practice and improve collaboration with your clients by automating several steps in the tax prep process, including the collection of client files and secure delivery of organizers and returns.

Lacerte and ProSeries users benefit from a direct integration allowing for the import of client data and the ability to print directly to a specific client folder from the Lacerte or ProSeries app.

After five years, SmartVault is still proud to be the exclusive integrated document management partner for Intuit ProConnect customers.

It's the Right Time to Switch

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Here are some favorite features Lacerte and ProSeries users ♥:

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Integration Perks

  • Create clients in Lacerte or ProSeries and they are automatically created in SmartVault, complete with your customized folder structure.
  • Print all copies of a return to SmartVault and each version is automatically filed into the correct client folder.
  • Automatic email notifications let clients know when returns are finished and available for download.

Secure File Sharing

  • Bank-level security encryption while files are in-transit and at rest.
  • Granular security permissions that can be managed down to the folder level.
  • The activity log tracks who has accessed files and folders so you have an audit trail of employee and client activity.
  • SmartVault helps your firm meet FINRA, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA and other compliance requirements.

The Future Is Bright - Together

More than ever, we're dedicated to working with our customers and providing them valuable features and updates.

See what's new and what's coming to SmartVault by visiting our product roadmap.

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Staff Fully Dedicated to Your Success

Our experienced and dedicated customer success team is on standby to ensure your transition to SmartVault is smooth, and to help your firm as you grow and take on new challenges.

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Zero Service Disruptions

During last tax season, SmartVault had zero unplanned service disruptions.

Can you say the same for your current solution?

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A One-Step Process

When you're ready to print a return:

Click the SmartVault box in your print dialogue. That's it!

Screenshot of the print box feature in Lacerte for SmartVault integration

SmartVault automatically:

  • Routes your return to the corresponding client folder
  • Notifies your client that the document is ready
  • Encrypts your document while in transit and while at rest
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Ready to re-boot your tax return workflow? We’ll show you how Lacerte & ProSeries users save time and money when they add SmartVault to their workflow.

"I estimate that we’ve boosted efficiency during tax season by at least 90% since implementing SmartVault... I used to ‘survive’ during tax season. I now operate much more efficiently. "
Michael Yuda
Michael J Yuda, CPA