SmartVault Features

SmartVault is the safe and easy way to store and share your files online.

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Online Document Storage that’s Secure and Easy to Use

With SmartVault, you get more than just a cloud drive – you get a secure and easy-to-use online document storage solution for going paperless and working in the cloud. You’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of anytime/anywhere access to your documents, with the security and compliance features that you need for your business.  That includes:

  • Drive mapping on any device, so you can move to the cloud in minutes
  • Scanning wizards to make the dream of the paperless office a reality
  • Client portals for securely sharing files with people outside your business
  • Mobile apps so your files are always at your fingertips
  • Folder templates make it easy to set up a consistent folder structure for all your customers

Secure File Sharing – Protect Your Files and Stay in Compliance

If you’re still using email or an unsecure cloud drive to share sensitive files, it’s time to protect your data, and ensure compliance with SmartVault’s secure file sharing solution. With SmartVault, you can send secure links to your documents, and rest assured that only the right people have access to the right documents.  SmartVault gives you:

  • Secure client portals, branded to match your website – easy to setup and get started
  • Data Security with authenticated login and AES-256 bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • Granular user controls so you can manage who has access to what files and assign permissions that restrict what a user can do (i.e., Read, Write, Create, or Delete a file or folder)
  • View in browser functionality lets you view files without having to download first
  • Set email alerts so you’re notified when a new file is uploaded or downloaded
  • Generate audit and compliance reports so you know who accessed what file and when

Award-Winning Integration with QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, and More!

SmartVault’s secret sauce is our focus on delivering integrated document management – right inside applications you are already using. Our patented, award-winning Toolbar integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online makes it the #1 choice of QuickBooks users for online document storage and secure file sharing. We’ve extended our integrations to Microsoft Outlook, Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners, and a variety of other popular QuickBooks Add-Ons. No other service delivers this type of seamless integration with your apps.

  • Attach to and view files from specific records inside an application
  • Access files stored in SmartVault from other apps in the SmartVault ecosystem, or right from the SmartVault client portal
  • Ensure the right people have access to the right files…always
  • Take a peek at the growing list of integrated business applications!

Your Data is Secure

Security is in our DNA. Both Eric (our CEO) and Mike (our CTO) worked for more than a decade in enterprise Internet security and have built a world-class infrastructure. It is a huge responsibility to protect your businesses' documents and one we take very seriously.

Check out our our security practices - it's all in plain English, no geek-speak.

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SmartVault Power Tools (so you can work the way YOU work…)

With SmartVault, you can choose a variety of ways to upload, access and manage your documents. You'll love our scanner integration to get rid of those stacks of paper on your desk, use the mapped drive to save documents to SmartVault, send files securely and provision new users right from Outlook, and browse and share files while on the go from your iPad or mobile device. It's all about giving you the easiest way to store, access and share files securely.

SmartVault Toolbar Plug-in for QuickBooks

Scan and attach documents and notes directly to over 30 entries in QuickBooks, and securely backup, restore, and share QuickBooks company files.

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SmartVault for QuickBooks Online

SmartVault is the only solution for QuickBooks Online that lets you attach and view source documents (receipts, bills, invoices, employee records) to transactions inside of QuickBooks Online.

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Client Portal

The SmartVault client portal makes it easy to access, manage, and securely share all your files and documents, anytime and from anywhere. New “view in browser” functionality means you can view files without having to download them first.

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Scan to Cloud

The paperless office is a reality with one-click scan to cloud from SmartVault. With desktop power tools like the SmartVault Inbox and a seamless integration with ScanSnap and other TWAIN-based scanners – you can start going paperless today.

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Secure File Sharing

With AES-256 bit encryption in transit and at rest, you can securely share files in the cloud with your own branded client portal. Authenticated login controls who has access to your files, so your documents are always protected.

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Online Document Storage

With SmartVault, you get built-in online document storage and secure file sharing that is both secure and easy to use. You can enjoy the simplicity of a cloud drive, plus the data security features you need for business. Easily upload, access and manage your files from your desktop, a mobile device or a web browser.

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SmartVault Inbox

The SmartVault Inbox allows users to scan or upload documents into an electronic holding repository, and retrieve them for later processing. This feature is similar to the physical Inbox tray that sits on many desks and is part of the daily workflow.

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Mobile Access

Take SmartVault with you and access your files no matter where you are. Your Smartphone just got a whole lot smarter! Use SmartVault on you iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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ScanSnap Scanners

Processing and storing paper business documents can be a daunting task that leads to a mountain of paperwork. SmartVault makes the paperless office a reality by delivering a seamless integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap.

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SmartVault Drive

SmartVault offers users the ability to map a drive directly to SmartVault creating a very intuitive way to create folders and browse, upload and view documents using a familiar Windows, Mac or Linux interface.

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