How to Get Great Results from Your Bookkeeping Business

The Journey of Continuous Improvement

A four part educational series by Jane Aylwin

In this series, you’ll learn Jane Aylwin’s four critical success factor’s of running a bookkeeping business and receive tips and advice on how to maximise the opportunities that exist for you in the world of modern day accounting.

About Jane Aylwin

A true believer in the awesome power of data, a huge advocate of the ‘accounting revolution’ and an excitable supporter of cloud technology, Jane Aylwin is passionate about entrepreneurial small businesses and the role accountants and bookkeepers have to play in the business world. She is a certified ICB Member who was in practice until only recently selling her bookkeeping business to take a senior role at a London firm. Jane has co-written a book, ‘How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business’, delivered presentations at The ICB Conference and, for the last two years, has been a speaker at Accountex.

Jane also runs a mentoring group for bookkeepers in practice. For more information about the book or the mentoring programme, visit

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Course Content

How to Get Great Results from Your Bookkeeping Business


Let's Get Started

Learn about the four critical success factors for your bookkeeping business and the importance of balance to see real results.

Part One


Does your pricing accurately reflect your expertise and the time you put into servicing your clients? Find out how to right-size your pricing.

Part Two

Customer Service

Learn how to provide the level of customer service your clients expect for the prices you charge.

Part Three


Learn how you can differentiate your services with the delivery methods you choose.

Part Four


Learn why confidence is important to reaching your potential and how you can gain more confidence in the services you offer.


The Journey of Continuous Improvement