Strategy Workshop for Accountants

Improve the way you run your practice and increase your profits through strategic planning

A three-part educational series by Jane Aylwin


This series will guide you through Jane Aylwin’s process for strategic planning and help you work through some of your own challenges or projects.

You will draw up your own strategic plan with guidance from Jane and the help of a workbook, which you will be given in three stages, in order to facilitate your strategic plan.

Webinar One

Creating Your Strategy: Prepare, Reflect and Project



The best way to plan for a strategic session? Be strategic about it! In this session I will cover what I do to prepare for a really in-depth strategic session with myself, from deciding when and where I will hold the session, to the agenda I would prepare for myself, to what exercise I will do on the day and what I will eat at my meal breaks.

The less you have to think about on the day, the less likely you are to be distracted from the very important task at hand.

Reflect and Project

I will also take you through the first third of a strategic session where I would identify the ‘WHAT’ and the ‘WHY’ of the challenge or decision we are looking to address, along with developing a full understanding of the future benefits of overcoming the challenge or implanting the decision.

We will together work through a workbook which I use and will share with you for your own use, or for you to adapt as you see fit.

Webinar Two

Creating Your Strategy: From A…to B


In this webinar we will start to plan how we will achieve the goal that we identified in session one.

We will identify the areas that we need to work on specifically to move us towards our clearly defined goal and why these areas are important within the context of this specific project and what we need to change or implement in each one.

Then we will work through the steps that we need to take under each heading in order to facilitate the changes that we need to see.

This session will unlock the second part of the workbook which will be delivered to you in an editable format so you can adapt it to your own needs.

Webinar Three

Creating Your Strategy: Review and Action

Live Webinar, 3rd June


We will review the work done in sessions one and two to ensure that you still hold true to the decisions that you have made.


We will identify and agree HOW to implement the steps that are needed to be taken by:

  • deciding what order we will make changes to existing strategies or realities, or implement new ideas or resources.
  • defining what the changes, or new concepts, are.
  • identifying the tangible outcomes that we expect to see
  • setting SMART goals for each area that is to be improved

This session will unlock the final part of the workbook.

About Jane Aylwin

A true believer in the awesome power of data, a huge advocate of the ‘accounting revolution’ and an excitable supporter of cloud technology, Jane Aylwin is passionate about entrepreneurial small businesses and the role accountants and bookkeepers have to play in the business world. She was in practice until only recently, selling her bookkeeping business to take a senior role at a London accounting firm. Jane has co-written a book, ‘How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business’, delivered presentations at the ICB Conference, the AAT Conference and, for the last four years, has been a speaker at Accountex.