Your Pre-Season Playbook

How to use extension season to boost productivity next tax season.

by Dawn Brolin

It’s time to step up your extension season game and practice like you play! Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, walks you through the most common mistakes firms make during extension season and how you can use this time to get ahead.

Dawn walks you through actionable steps to make this extension season work better for your firm and your clients. Plus, get a sneak peek at Dawn’s own tax season playbook to see how she created an efficient firm!

Do you want to:

  • Make next tax season run smoother?
  • Serve your existing clients better?
  • Improve your firm’s cash flow?

Of course you do! Download the Pre-Season Playbook today to set your firm up for success.

Dawn Brolin
Powerful Accounting
Dawn is a Certified Public Accountant and Managing Member of Powerful Accounting, LLC - a nationally recognized accounting, tax and QuickBooks Consulting firm. She discovered the importance of the relationship between good accounting records, good business processes and running a successful business through her own experience as a business owner and now strives to "leave people better than she found them". Working with small to medium sized businesses including, contractors, non-profits, retailers and service providers, Dawn provides accounting, write-up, reporting, offsite CFO resources, tax return preparation and audit support services.