Your Bookkeeping Checklist for Year-End Sanity

It’s smooth sailing into the final months of the year with Gabrielle’s year-end bookkeeping checklist!

by Gabrielle Fontaine

Soon small business clients who have been attempting to handle their bookkeeping records themselves will realize that they’re behind, making mistakes and the end of the year is coming. That’s when the prospective clients start coming out of the woodwork and decide they need help from a professional. But until the onslaught arrives (generally between September and January), how are you doing with your existing clients?

Now’s the time to get a jump on the inevitable year-end crunch so you’ll be in the perfect position to take on more clients without the stress of trying to get your existing clients ready for year-end and taxes.

To help prepare you for a smooth sailing into the final months of the year (and win the hearts of both your clients and their tax preparers), download my handy year-end bookkeeping checklist to see what you can start doing now to make life easier for everyone involved.

Value-Added Recommendations

While your clients may not realize the importance of getting many of these tasks handled now, these tasks also serve as great catalysts for making valuable recommendations that make clients grateful to have you on their team.

Instead of just asking for the bare bones information needed to fill in missing information, why not go the extra mile and make recommendations that will help them pull in more cash, save money, or save time.

For example, why not recommend that they schedule a meeting before year end with their tax preparer to review estimated tax liability and take advantage of any tax savings available to them this year. Or what about a meeting to review expenses this year compared to last year and look for ways to save and therefore increase their bottom line.

When you show you are not only the trusted keeper of their bookkeeping records, but you also care about their success, you build client loyalty and make it easy for clients to make referrals. And it all starts with taking action now with this simple checklist.

Gabrielle Fontaine
The Freelance Bookkeeper
Gabrielle Fontaine is a freelance Professional Bookkeeper and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who assists tech-savvy consultants and self-employed professionals get their books under control, save taxes, and maximize cash flow and profits using the power of online apps. Gabrielle has been in business for over 25 years, and has been working 100% virtually since 2003. She is the author of the popular blog, The Freelance Bookkeeper, and produces online training programs, has been a popular guest speaker on business and accounting podcasts, as well as industry conferences.