Recording: Using SmartVault to Streamline Bookkeeping

Wednesday, August 8 @ 1:00 PM Central Time

Part of our “Focus on the Firm” Workflow Series!

By now, you understand the value cloud services can bring to your practice – helping you boost efficiency and drive more profitability. But how do you take the next step in making it happen for your firm? Simple. Look across the workflows in your practice that are the most paper and time intensive, pick an area to focus on, pick a few clients to test a new workflow with – and measure the results. Sound easy enough? (Don’t worry, we’ll help you get there!)

In this interactive webinar, we’ll show you how SmartVault can be integrated into your bookkeeping workflow so that you can work more efficiently, be more responsive to your clients, and ultimately deliver more profit to your practice. In this session, we’ll show you how you can:

  • Help your clients and staff go paperless by scanning and storing documents that need to be processed in online folders (please…no more shoeboxes full of receipts, or worse, no more commuting to a client’s office!)
  • Set up automated notifications so that you or your staff know when documents are ready to process
  • Understand the SmartVault Toolbar for QuickBooks – learn how to attach and store source documents directly to transactions in QuickBooks
  • Allow clients to view attached source documents securely – whether they have access to QuickBooks or not
  • Explore options for safely backing up and sharing the QuickBooks company file  for bookkeeping or ‘clean up’ services you might perform
  • Get to know the SmartVault Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook – and securely share files without ever leaving your email

We’ll show you all that in less than an hour – and we’ll even take 10 to answer your questions live.

Hosted by: Eric Pulaski, CEO and Founder of SmartVault Corporation

SmartVault is a secure document storage and file sharing solution designed for business users. Eric Pulaski, SmartVault’s founder and CEO, has spent more than 20 years in enterprise software development, the bulk of that time as CEO of Bindview, an Internet security company acquired by Symantec. He has built a team of passionate people that care about building technology that is easy to use and can add immediate value to your business.