Video: SmartVault Explainer – What SmartVault Can Do For Your Business

This is the comprehensive animated video… it’s the story of what we can do for your business, in less than 2 minutes!

Documents. Did you know that if you stack all the documents in the world on top of each other, they would be as tall as four zillion basketball players? If you run a typical business you probably deal with lots of documents. Whether you’re processing them or sharing them, whether they’re digital or paper. You have a lot of confidential documents that need to be protected. Some are attached to apps on your desktop, some might be stored on a network drive. Some are in the cloud, and yes some are still stored in file cabinets. So how do you access the file you need when you need it? And share that file with the right people? SmartVault is a central secure storage space for your documents. It’s a virtual vault for all of your documents. Now that’s smart! Because a real vault wouldn’t be practical or very smart. So now you can store your documents securely online, access and manage hem right from in your applications, and share files safely and easily. Simply scan, upload, or drag and drop your files in. SmartVault gives you all the convenience of a cloud drive, but with features built for business users like custom branded portals, the ability to view files without downloading, recycle bin, email alerts, version history, and full text search. Sharing files couldn’t be easier! Your clients or coworkers will receive a link, which brings them straight to their file. So you’re probably wondering, what about security? SmartVault is totally secure. Your documents are stored, encrypted, and then backed up and always available. Sign up today for your 30-day free trial. Our team of Customer Care Heroes will help you get set up in no time! SmartVault – Work the way you work.