How to Slay Tax Season with an Integrated Workflow

Learn how to automate and integrate your tax workflow using SmartVault tech.

with Abbie Deaver

While you’ve most likely heard about the benefits of an automated workflow, the key to see real results is an integrated workflow. If the apps you’ve chosen to automate specific tasks don’t talk to each other, you’re just creating more manual work for yourself. An automated and integrated workflow will not only increase the efficiency of your firm, it will add value to your clients and can boost your revenue.

Join SmartVault, for this on-demand 60-minute, session specifically for tax professionals who want to…

  • Learn how to automate and integrate your tax workflow using tech like Lacerte/ProSeries, SmartVault, and DocuSign
  • Observe the differences between automating and integrating your workflow
  • Learn the key benefits of an integrated workflow
  • Discover exactly how easy it is to use SmartVault, the only integrated document management and client portal solution for Intuit’s Lacerte & ProSeries

You’ll walk away from this session with a clear, practical path to build your integrated workflow and slay your tax season with efficiency.

Abbie Deaver
Director of Marketing