Productivity in Quarantine: How to set yourself up for success

Tips for setting up your home office for success and mastering productivity.

with Katey Maddux

Over the past few weeks, working from home has become America’s new normal, as we try to navigate life in quarantine.  Whether this has become a long-term plan or simply short-term survival, navigating obstacles like productivity, distractions, and time management is critical to getting anything accomplished when the whole family is in one house!  This webinar tackles some of the most-faced obstacles and will bring you some key strategies and much-needed fresh ideas!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to set up your Home Office for maximum success
  • Identify your vision for your time and work-life balance
  • Acquire key strategies for understanding what’s inhibiting your productivity and learn how to master distractions
Katey Maddux
Founder and CEO
Millennial Accounting
Meet Katey. She’s a paddle boarder, music lover, Zumba instructor, and travel enthusiast who’s been to 45 countries. She graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and began a career in the fashion industry. But after coming down with Dengue fever during a 2016 trip to Vietnam, she decided to focus her efforts on the accounting profession. And so Millennial Accounting was born. Katey loves training, encouraging, creating processes, and introducing her clientele to new apps and technology. Millennial Accounting primarily serves two niches (real estate/property management and e-commerce) and is on a mission to serve, inspire, educate, and problem-solve. Katey currently resides in Miami, Florida.