[Recording] Partnering for a More Secure Cloud Webinar Series

Recorded May 2012

The message to small businesses and accounting firms is clear – it’s time to get on board with cloud technology, or get left behind. Cloud solutions promise anytime, anywhere availability, easy deployment, increased productivity, and lower costs. But as more businesses make the move to cloud-based services, they are having to take a more active role in ensuring the security of information stored online – normally the responsibility of an IT administrator. There’s a lot to think about – choosing the right service provider, setting up access for your employees and your clients, accessing data from your mobile device, encryption tools, and more.

In our interactive new series, Partnering for a More Secure Cloud, our security panel invites you to join the conversation about cloud security and get practical advice, in everyday terms (we promise no geek-speak here!), designed to help you protect and secure your data in the cloud. Topics include:

  • The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cloud Security
  • Practicing Safe Security; Responsible Password Behavior
  • Client Data Loss: How to Keep it from Happening and What to Do if it Does