New! SmartVault Integrates with QuickBooks Online

SmartVault introduces new integration with QuickBooks Online. Attach and view source documents with integrated document management for QuickBooks Online.

For users of QuickBooks Online, we’ve taken SmartVault’s award-winning patented Toolbar and brought it into your web browser so you can attach documents right inside QuickBooks Online. Here’s how it works: when you go to a screen where SmartVault can attach a document, the SmartVault Toolbar appears. You can click the paperclip icon to attach documents to the current customer, and the folder icon shows how many documents are already attached.

Right now we’re looking at customer records, but this works the same way for vendors, employee records, purchase orders, journal entries, and a dozen other types of transactions. Let’s take a look at attaching source files to bills. We’ve got one file attached to the PetsMart bill; clicking the folder shows you the attached file. From this window you can view file details, edit the name and description, and you can even view the file online without having to download the file from the SmartVault document viewer. From here you can easily download the file, print the file right from your web browser, or email a link to the file to your accountant, coworker, or other business partner.

To attach files to a transaction, you can use the paperclip. You can browse the file system to attach files, or just drag and drop them right into your web browser. As you drop files in, they’re already uploaded to SmartVault and attached to your bills. As you attach more files you can see the count of attached documents change in the folder icon. It will always show you how many documents are attached in the current transaction wherever you go in QuickBooks Online. With SmartVault for QuickBooks online, you can attach files to about twenty different transactions and item types in QuickBooks Online.

You can always access your documents anytime, anywhere from any web browser, tablet, or mobile device. You don’t even have to login to QuickBooks Online to get your documents. To sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial, check us out at to start your trial today!