Live from Scaling New Heights: Accountants Tell Us Why They Love SmartVault

Live from the show floor at the 2013 Scaling New Heights Conference, hear why these bean counters love SmartVault for online document storage, secure client portals, and integrated QuickBooks document management.

Accountants Talk SmartVault at Scaling New Heights

“Piles of paper are gone. I’m able to collaborate with the clients; I don’t have to have them pick up tax return packets. This year as a matter of fact I probably had 80% of my clients happy with just electronic access through SmartVault for the copies of their tax returns, they didn’t need those physical copies. My collaboration with clients is so much easier; they love it, and they understand it. Our team on boards our clients, so they know we have a process and a folder structure in place. So every client gets the same, there is no administrative confusion in our office and with the clients it’s easy to onboard them because we do the same thing. It’s cookie cutter for every single client, they all get the same structure. It’s so easy, the workflow is so easy, and we don’t even think about it anymore.”

Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, MSA – Powerful Accounting

“So about five years ago, I was having an area of concern with my clients because I needed to be able to have rather confidential information passed to me. Email was not a secure option. I had looked at some alternatives, but what I found was SmartVault actually gave my clients a very secure platform in which to upload sensitive information”

Gale Kirsopp – 4700 Group

“I can share folders with my clients. I do a lot of payroll now and we can’t really email payroll anymore, so now I’m saving time sheets up into SmartVault and having the clients download them from there.”

Karen Dellaripa – QuickBooks ProAdvisor

“I just started using QuickBooks online. I can attach statements to the accounts, so my clients can go in, pull their statements via PDF, and attach it. I don’t have to access their bank or credit card account, and I don’t need to have the liability of having the login credentials.”

Stacy Kildal – Kildal Services LLC

“Well we were looking for a solution were we could attach documents to QuickBooks. After seeing some of the SmartVault demonstrations, that attracted us. We didn’t realize though how much time saving there would really be until we actually started using it. Since using SmartVault I have a big regret, and that is that we didn’t start sooner. ”

Malhon Fisher – Computer Bookkeeping Solutions

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