Is Your Client Data at Risk?

Learn how identity thieves steal personal data and how you can protect yourself & your clients.

by Larry Gutierrez

Tax docs, employee paperwork, and other sensitive files are an identity thief’s dream. Download our free eBook to learn how thieves get your data and how you can protect yourself.

In this eBook, we will:

  • Explore common risks to your business and personal data
  • Give you practical defense strategies for each of these risks
  • Provide pro-active tips to protect your business, your employees, your clients, and yourself
Larry Gutierrez
After serving as an officer in the US Navy, Larry Gutierrez worked for several software security, oil and gas companies. Larry’s 15 years of experience included roles as support team lead and manager for control and compliance software and solutions technical auditor. Larry has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M Corpus Christi and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.