How to Build & Streamline Your Client Onboarding System

Go from onboarding chaos to streamlined system, one simple step at a time.

with Gabrielle Fontaine

So it’s busy season and new clients are coming out of the woodwork. Now what?

Most successful accounting and bookkeeping practices focus on getting new clients. But what happens when they arrive? Your onboarding process is staring you in the face… and the new clients are waiting!

In truth, effective and smooth onboarding starts well BEFORE the client decides to hire your firm! When you’re growing your firm, you need to build a rock-sold onboarding process that is scalable and yet delight your new client at the same time. This leads to higher profits and better client retention, and yes, this leads to even more new client by referral naturally too.

Join Gabrielle Fontaine of The Freelance Bookkeeper for a live, 60-minute interactive, nuts-and-bolts online session specifically focused on how to…

  • Be prepared for transitioning your client into your onboarding system as soon as the engagement letter is signed…
  • Make it easier on you and your team to get new clients set up and in sync while making onboarding faster…
  • How and where to insert automation to streamline your whole process…
  • You’ll also get a live demo for how to integrate SmartVault into your client onboarding system

Walk away from this session with a checklist you can use right away to go from onboarding chaos to streamlined system, one simple step at a time.

Gabrielle Fontaine
The Freelance Bookkeeper
Gabrielle Fontaine is a freelance Professional Bookkeeper and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who works with independent consultants and self-employed professionals to maximize cash flow, save taxes and improve profits using proven systems and online technology. She has been in business for over 30 years and works on a virtual basis with all her clients. Gabrielle is the author of the award-winning blog, The Freelance Bookkeeper, and regularly speaks at accounting technology conferences around the world. She is best known for her practical online training programs specifically for independent bookkeepers.